Saturday, October 16, 2010

Show Deluge transfer rates in Docky - working helper for Deluge versions 1.2+

I run Docky as my Linux dockmanager and Deluge as my Bittorrent client. After Deluge updated itself to version 1.2, transfer rates stopped showing on my Deluge icon badge in Docky. After some research and hacking I have fixed the helper as well as added some functionality to it - Pause All/Resume All context menu items, stability against Deluge daemon restarts and a display cap of 5kbps or higher on Deluge transfer rates, so I'm not bothered with protocol overhead when there are no active downloads.

The updated helper can be downloaded here:

To install it: go to Docky Settings->Helper->Install and select the downloaded docky_deluge12helper.tar
It might require reopening of Docky Settings window for helper to show up in list. It should be called Deluge v1.2

The helper works with the recent Docky (2.1.0) and Deluge versions 1.2 and higher.

P.S. If bandwidths are still not shown, you might be running Deluge in Classic mode instead of daemon. Close Deluge, install deluge daemon with
sudo apt-get install deluged
and run
deluged - deluge client will recognize it and switch to daemon/client mode. And the helper will be working.

Special thanks to this thread and the author of the original 1.2 helper.

Update: if Docky crashes on install of the helper - this is a known (#587624) bug in older versions of Docky and have been fixed in latest releases. Meanwhile, you can extract the helper manually:

wget -O docky_deluge12helper.tar
sudo tar -C /usr/share/dockmanager -xvf docky_deluge12helper.tar -C /usr/share/dockmanager
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