Thursday, April 2, 2009

SEO flavor by country - a definitive list

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American SEO
Create a website containing words 'searchengine' in its name. Talk about SEO until everybody considers you an expert. Afterwards, demand 5-digit prices for your 'add alt tags to images' advices.
Russian SEO
Create a hundred of doorways leading to fifty illegal mp3/cracks/erotic sites. Stuff them with endless popups leading to a dozen of half-legal erotic/mp3 sites. Redirect some clicks to lead to half a dozen perfectly legal online stores - either for referral bonus, or run the stores on your own.
Turkish SEO
Pick a niche. Subscribe to 30-40 middle-popularity blogs in that niche. Every day republish one of the posts you read in your blog, removing all the credentials. However, forget to check all the links in the post, accidentally linking back to the author and creating a backlink.
Vietnamese SEO
Find a blog template/widget/picture. Modify the copyright text to point to you instead of original author. Redistribute.
Ukrainian SEO
Create a website, claiming that you are a success story and everybody else are losers. Offer others to visit your trainings to learn to become a success story themselves. While doing this, look pathetic, so others in attempt to say 'just look at this idiot' will generate a bunch of links to you.
Indian SEO
Write a howto article, describing a trivial action (How to properly switch off your computer, for example). Repeat for every possible Google query.

Did I miss any? :)
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radith prawira said...

lol.. is this for real?

list you've made just inspired me so much, maybe i'll be like them one day, lol

Cranked said...

Thank you for your kind words, Radith :) I'm glad someone shares my sense of humor :)

radith prawira said...

I'm also glad to meet you :) your wriing here is enjoyable :D both serous stuff and humor blend all together here, keep up the good work dude :D

Keith said...

That's a funny post, a very nice read and so true... LOL...

Atlanta SEO Training said...

Now that's way funny and cute! Every country has a different opinion.

Cranked said...

atlanta seo training clearly sucks.

Ayush Kumar said...

LOl, very funny one, btw I am from India :)

fleet1ng said...

Lol, now that's funny but aptly accounts how things are.

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