Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Duplicate title tags, part 2

Hello everyone,

I'm still experimenting on Duplicate title tags/duplicate meta descriptions issue in Blogger.

I've roughly described it in my Tweets:

Eterniel:Just did some changes to my website template. Hopefully they will resolve most of the Duplicate Title Tags issues.

Eterniel:The biggest problem in this issue, of course, is blogger

Eterniel:It generates unneeded '?showcomment=' urls, which are then interpreted by Google Webmaster Tools as distinct pages

Eterniel:Furthermore, Blogger exports these links in /feeds/comments/default feed

Eterniel:So you have to throw away 'all-head-content' includable and replace it with your own.

I'm quite sure this will resolve all the issues. However, it takes quite some time while Google re-crawls the whole site.

I'm quite impatient, so I will use one trick. Don't pay attention to the following lines, that's just some too complicated robot SEO magic:

<!-- **robots -->
<script xmlns='http://www.googlebot.com/1999/gsa-crawler' xmlns:meta='http://www.googlebot.com/1999/gsa-crawler/meta' >
<user-agent name="Mediapartners-Google">

<!-- /**robots -->

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