Thursday, February 19, 2009

Direct traffic from Montara - yet another search engine launch? :)

Today I have experienced a spike in direct traffic coming from one particular city: Montara, California (website)

massive amount of direct traffic from a small city in California

is a small city in California, with less than 3,000 inhabitants. A hundred visits a day from city that big was suspicious.

It seems not only I have experienced this.

'The visitor' reports Internet Explorer with resolutions 1024x768 and 800x600, Flash version 10 and Java support.

Do we experience a rise of yet another web crawler? :)
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Anonymous said...

This is funny...

I have never received traffic from Montara until Feb 17 when I received 29 visits. Then yesterday Feb 19 I received 158 visits. This is odd and skewing my data greatly. Avg time on site 1 second, 2 pages per visit, 3% bounce rate, IE 93% traffic, screen-resolution 1024x768. This is definetly not human activity, I am guessing you are correct it has to be a spider... any other thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I've also just woke to find a ton of traffic to my site from Montara. 74 visitors on a sunday just from Montara. I rarely get that in total

DJB31st said...

had the same problem here.. Will take a look through the logs and see if any further light can be shed on this!

Anonymous said...

Appears to be from a company that scans for copyrighted images..


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the information, DJB31st :)

Anonymous said...

Just had the same thing happen to me, 187 visitors from Montara... also, > 00:00:00 Avg. Time on Site. Any new information?

Cranked said...

Fuck Montara. If this is another 'Copyright shit' company, then I will ask Jesus every day for them to kill themselves.

Fuck the copyright companies. They are just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

Found this after the same phenomenon. 64 vistis to my site on 1/4 and then none again until 3/13 when I get 60 direct visits all from Montara. Why do you think its a copywright company and what does that mean, exactly??

Rafay said...

Can any one tell me how to list my site in montara

Cranked said...

Rafay, Montara is a city in California, not a name of search engine.

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