Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Google promotes payed text links through ads

This is what I've seen today in my Gmail:
buy quality text links for better search engine results
The text says: Increase page rank - Buy quality text links for better search engine results

Nice advertising partners, Google :) Looking forward to see more links (to porn, warez etc) delivered directly into my Gmail interface :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seo is going to die... Isn't it?

About half a year ago I was planning to make a fortune by creating a socially-tailored custom search engine pages. I even started to write a Firefox addon like StumbleUpon Toolbar. But then I discovered

Couple of weeks ago, Google has introduced SearchWiki. The search will never be the same again.

My rant: frankly, I think this sucks. Playing with the system was fun. Discovering the things that the system "likes", being fast to react and getting thousands of hits from search engines (recent example: g00d-stuff epidemy).
Now it all is pretty much gone. Seems botnets is the future of SEO.

RankedHard SEO Comic

I love RankedHard SEO Comic. Really. They disappoint me with duplicating content though - check the last two comics - did they run out of topics?

And this one:

Seriously, keyword stuffing makes my eyes bleed. Hopefully with rated search results it will be gone.