Friday, August 8, 2008

Proof how stupid people are on Internet and ways to exploit it

As you may know, there is an armed conflict between Georgia and Russia in South Ossetia. Call me inhumane, but I didn't believe that noone will try to make money on that fact.

As some of you might know, even though russian is only my third language, I can understand it enough to read russian mass-media and community sites. So I've decided to check reaction to russian-georgian events in South Ossetia in LiveJournal blogs.

Blogs like this pop up like mushrooms after a nice rain. Oldest are created just a couple of days ago and say something like this:
Today I have decided to start a blog. I've never done it before, but events around me force me to write this...

A guy goes to a war territory just to create a page in a blogging service? The blog is filled with content, stolen from news pages (you can Google a first phrase of every blog post). User has no userpics, except this one:

which leads to a SEO'ed site with plenty of advertising links to payed services like tourist companies and products like glass doors.

The users profile is filled with every imaginable interest (which leads to being discovered by interest search):

The blog 'author', that 'went to fight Georgian aggressors' had already miraculously 'survived' and asks fellow readers to lead this journal into the 'top journals' list - so others can hear good news. And you know what?  

He has already 265 readers (from almost zero in the morning) and counting.
There are plenty of comments like "we are gonna pray for you!" and "hold on there, show them!"

What else is left to do? Only to point dumb idiots on Internet to a proper page of his 'friends'. For example, some musical band (what he already did).

Any more examples needed how social engineering can boost your sales? :)
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