Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We asked for new Blogger features for only a couple of years... and we got them!

Two new Blogger features (Embeddable comment form and Optimized Page Titles) has been around for some time, though I had time to insert them into my template only today.

The comment form will make it easier for readers to leave a response - you will not need to wait for the comment window to load anymore - I'm receiving a first wave of comments as I write this post - and I have also modified the comment form so the links from comments are no longer nofollowed - that motivates your subscribers and readers to comment your journal even more.

And the optimized title for pages will move the blog name remove the blog name from the beginning of the blog title so the site will be better recognized and ranked by search engines.

In the next two posts, I will describe how to add an embedded comment form into your blogger template and how to optimize your blog title, moving the post name to the beginning of title.

We will also see how long it will take Google to fully re-index a blog hosted on it's favorite BlogSpot - older pages has been updated on 28th of June this year.

Stay tuned.

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