Saturday, July 19, 2008

Review: domain services and hosting

First of all I would like to thank for registering .me domains for us. I have registered quite a bunch the day it was launched - and now, as a rightful customer of GoDaddy I would like to say why it sucks.
  1. Domain registration is slow. You need to pass 5 pages to get to the 'enter your credit card details' page. All these 5 pages try to sell you other GoDaddy products.
  2. GoDaddy offers you 'payed parking'. If you pay $3/month, your domain will be 'parked' - if someone accesses it, he will be shown ads, and if he clicks them, you will receive 60% of the profit.
    Basically, you pay for putting ads on your own domain, and after that you receive only 60% of the profit.
  3. But the main feature is - if you don't subscribe for payed parking, you will be parked for free. By default - and I haven't seen an opportunity to disable this 'feature'. This means, that even after you own the domain, GoDaddy will put ads on it, making money on you.
    Unless you fix it manually, pointing your domain to something else (for all of yours 10-100-1000 domains).
  4. GoDaddy user interface is hellish slow. Probably it was somehow related to .me boom - I don't know. I can understand that 'updating your domain dns entry can take up to 48 hours', but if it takes up to 30 seconds to follow a page in internal domain management tools - this is just ridiculous. GoDaddy, if you hire me for a mere $80/hour, I will speed up your pages more then 4 times, pleasing all your customers.
  5. FTP access is... strange. I could access my site by ftp only for the first day I used it. Then - I can't login there by ftp anymore. Bad username or password - kidding me, tools?

There are plenty of other features. I perfectly understand the amount of customers GoDaddy has to serve. Yet this is a bad excuse for all the things I have pointed.

Even though I have managed to do what I wanted with GoDaddy, their service will make me try any other domain name registrar once I want to register a domain. - I know what I risk, writing this review - I have read the End User License agreement - you can basically take away all domains I own with your registration. However, you can also change my opinion, writing me an e-mail to eterniel [at] addressing all the issues I have mentioned above. And, if contacted by a good persuading personality, I can change my point of view and write a good review for your services, and maybe even removing this blog entry that states 'GoDaddy sucks'. Meanwhile, let it be here.

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