Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rambo 4: John Rambo the movie - review

Watching 'John Rambo'. If I were him, I would kill the stupid missionaires myself.
It's pretty much clear, that he has quite a hard life as a hermit. Words of one chick is enough to go on a killing spree again.
Zomg. People in that poor country are dressed better then people here in Switzerland.
@1:06 Yeah, these 'commandos' really rock. Got caught off-guard and beaten hand-to-hand by some vietnamese rednecks.
@1:09 Yeah, those vietnamese rednecks are also bright. Shooting a solid-metal-plate protected machinegun with their pee-shooters, while standing on an open space.
@1:14 John Rambo looks sad. The chick ran searching for another guy. Rambo is not getting laid.

Conclusion: the whole country happily lived their way, then John Rambo came and killed everyone. Masterful job though :)

Overall: 7 out of 10. For excellent 'pirate' shootout.
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