Tuesday, July 22, 2008

.ME domains are NOT indexed and crawled by Google

As you may know, I own a bunch of .me domains. I have been experimenting with them for a while, and here are my results:

.ME domains are NOT yet indexed and crawled by Google. 

From a bunch of my websites on .me domains, none is included in Google index. Plenty of them are hosted at BlogSpot, so Google is aware as hell about their presence. Yet none of them has been crawled yet, and Google Webmasters Tools accepts only half of them.

What do you mean "half"? — you might ask? Here's how:

google webmaster tools refuses to accept a working dot-me domain
While sites like http://game-guide.me/ and http://supercool.me/ are accepted perfectly well but simply not indexed, sites like http://eviscerated.me/ are simply not accepted with "General HTTP error: Domain name not found". Read how to resolve General HTTP error: Domain name not found if you have similar problems with your other sites.

Meanwhile, the only .me domain that is indexed is http://www.domain.me/. This gives us a hope every other .me domain will be indexed as well.
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Anonymous said...

they're registered and being shown now with page rank, cached pages, the whole nine yards

Anonymous said...

Yup, you are right, Google now indexes, crawls and rates them.
I wrote about it here: http://cranked.me/2008/07/google-is-always-watching-you.html
Thanks for the feedback anyway and hope you have a nice weekend :)

Anonymous said...

well i have several .me domains and they are geting page rank and search positions aswell.

good domains.

Cranked said...

Check the date on this post. It is 4 months old.
Also, you've mistyped your site url, so you don't even get a link :P

andy said...


hmm here is the same problem google will not index my site http://www.hunde.me i registered it in the landrush is there any trick to index the .me's ?

thanks for help

Cranked said...

Andy, it is indexed now.

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