Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I was nominated for a 'Bug-free developer of the year' award

This is an excerpt from an e-mail that I've received from a customer today:

I finally found a bug! I’ve tested a LOT of software and hardware throughout many years and I was wondering if this would be the first time ever that I’d beta test something without finding a bug. :)

This guy really knows how to write good e-mails :) Bug-free beta — actually, this even was the very first test build. 'The bug' was simply a debug message that could be understood in two ways (written many years ago and not even by me :) - already changed that.

If only I could spend as much time updating this blog — the unfinished 'naming conventions' article beggarly looks at me every time I login here. I will find time for you — I promise.

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Yuriy P said...

Respect :-)
But don't be so cruel, leave some chunk of glory for QAs for finding a bug, otherwise they will lost faith in theirs destination ;-)

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