Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Great Movement Day - Leave Your Fears Behind

Today is a great day. Today we are leaving our beloved blogspot hosting and moving out of the nest to our new domain.

I have spent a couple of days hacking a new skin for this blog. Currently I'm performing last tweaks to the new template, inserting some CSS hacks so the new skin will also display (almost) properly in Internet Explorer. The old Blue Jeans template with my Blogger fixes and SEO optimizations will be up for grabs. Just let me know if you are interested - I will host it somewhere and make it available for downloads.

I know what I risk switching to another domain (and especially .me) from namespace, so loved by Google :) I have set up a couple of other .me blogs with link-baiting hot trend keywords and so far only one of them has got indexed (yes, I did submit them to webmasters tools). I also understand that now I will have to write even hotter and better optimized content in order to tie with domains for places in SERPs — and I'm up for it :)

New domains are already set up and point to Google hosting (, the only thing left to do is to put on a new skin and turn on redirection here. I expect at least a half cut in page visits for the first week, while Google indexes the site — and most of the visits will be still redirects from It will take quite a while until the new site will be fully indexed with Google and all value-passing links will be restored. I estimate this time for about a month.
So far, so good. See you soon on a new domain with a cool brand name and a new hot skin! Don't worry — site feed is still the same and all the visits to this page will be automatically redirected to our new domain :) Bon voyage!
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