Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Google is ALWAYS watching you!

I have noticed that every time I write bad things about Google, one of my top-visited pages suddenly disappears from Google index. The page that yesterday topped the SERPs is 'suddenly' not in Google index. Every time :) I don't want to sound like a CEO of that company speaking about The Great Google Banner Ad Conspiracy though sometimes I suspect Google has a special job position, responsible for viewing index results that match Google[^.!]*sucks.*[.!] regexp.

So, from now on, I will only write good things about Google (who knows, you should always expect the worst).

But well, I have only good news about Google today:

Google has started to index .ME domains already.

Thit is great, and this leads us to our next article: The Great Movement Day.
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Anonymous said...

bizarre, I thought this only happened to us when anything slightly controversial gets said.

and then when it reappears a few days later, I always put it down to paranoia

hmm, you too eh? :)

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