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Even if you quit World of Warcraft, you are still one of them...

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Achievements in WoW - Tycho from PennyArcade

I feel sooooo same as Tycho... I didn't even think a second about a phrase Gabe said.

There should be one called "Win Omen", for when you raidwipe by drawing aggro from the MT with dots.
Right? It's like... L2P, nub.

I didn't even ponder a second when I read that... That was just... normal for me. And only after reading Tycho's comment I felt that something is indeed not good :)

For those of you who come here from search engines looking for term definitions (Win Omen definition in the end):


A situation when the entire party is killed. (short for "wipeout")


wipe, but applied to entire raid (25-40 people)

drawing aggro

Incrementing the monster's internal 'hate to personally you' counter to a level when he leaves his current target and switches on you.


see Main Tank

Main Tank

a person who is responsible for drawing attention of the monster, thus making the monster focus attacks on the provoker (while the rest of the group is 'relatively' safe because they don't receive direct hits).


An abbreviation for 'Damage over Time' - a shortcut for spells/abilities or their part that don't do massive direct damage, but instead spread the damage over a certain period of time.


An abbreviation for 'Learn to play' — a phrase often used to piss-off someone by belittling his gaming skills.


an offensive short form for 'newbie' — someone who is not yet familiar with a game.

Win Omen

The term refers to Omen Threat Meter — an interface addon to World of Warcraft that estimates and shows amount of 'hate' a given monster has to each player. The player that tops the list (Wins 'top the Omen' competition) usually receives a focused attention of the monster, and if the victim is not Main Tank - consequences can be dire not only for the 'Winner', but to the whole raid.
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