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Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (Boksuneun naui geot) the movie

Violence in this movie is shown with korean thoroughness. It does leave an impression on those who have already got used to "hollywood" violence.

Strangely, this movie has quite a high rating on IMDB — currently 7.8.

I won't say it's a good movie. Even more. You are really unlikely to watch it anyways, so I've written a plot here so you can have just an idea, what is "korean movie".

Plot for "Sympathy for Mr Vengeance".

A young deaf and dumb broker Ryu lives with his sister that desperately needs a kidney transplant. Loving his sister so much, Ryu decides to donate his kidney, but figures out he has a different blood type so his kidney can't be used for his sister.

Being not a very good worker, Ryu gets fired.

Desperate, Ryu contacts black market dealers. They agree to provide him with a kidney of apropriate blood type in exchange for his kidney and 10 million won (about $10.000). Ryu agrees, but finds himself fooled — he wakes up naked, without a kidney, money, and no trace of black market dealers can be found. Ryu doesn't tell the sister about the incident and his lost kidney.

A doctor tells Ryu that a donor for his sister has been found, and now they only need to pay for the operation. Operation is worth 10 million won.

To get these money Ryu and his sister decide to kidnap a child for a ransom. Initially, they were going to kidnap a child of Ryu's former boss, but after seeing a scene of engineer Peng — another worker of Ilshin Electronics who got fired — performing sepukku in front of the boss, they change their mind — if they kidnap a child of his ex-employer, Ryu will surely be one of the suspects. So they kidnap a daughter of another Ilshin Electronics CEO, not directly connected with Ryu.

The action starts here.

While Ryu is out to get the ransom, his sister finds a note in his pocket and figures out that he has lost his kidney for her. She cuts her wrists in bathroom. While Ryu goes to bury her at the riverbank, the kidnapped kid gets out of their car and drowns in the river. The kid's father, Park Dong-jin, gives money to a police officer to track the kidnappers. Together they go to a home of the guy who performed sepukku and find almost his all family dead to food poisoning — there is only one survivor — a small boy. They take him to a hospital. Ryu uses his girlfriend to track down the black market kidney dealers that fooled him and kills them with a screwdriver and baseball bat, receiving an abdomen wound by a scalpel. Meanwhile, Park Dong-jin finds Ryu's appartment and electrocutes Ryu's girlfriend to death. She mentions that she is a part of a terrorist organization. Ryu discovers her body together with police. Park Dong-jin receives a call from the hospital, stating that the boy that they have recovered from Peng's house, died. Ryu goes to his hidden hideout, where Park Dong-jin already awaits him. He shocks Ryu with electricity and takes him to the riverside, where he pronounces a phrase I know you're a good guy... but you know why I have to kill you..., and cuts Ryu's ankles underwater. Park Dong-jin goes to bury plastic bags with severed remains of Ryu and gets stalked by terrorist friends of Ruy's dead girlfriend. They stab him with knives to death. The End.
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