Friday, June 20, 2008

Starsailor — Way to Fall — Tales of the Past III part that touches me

Tales of the Past is a full-length series of movies based on World of Warcraft game. The series have been referred as The best World of Warcraft video. Tales of the Past III is a hour and a half length movie, featuring everything you can expect from an animated movie — nice graphics and video effects (the movie is a capture from original World of Warcraft gameplay), voice acting, action, massive battle scenes and... a nice plot.
The director of this movie, Martin Falch, has even allowed me to play Orgrimm Doomhammer in the third and final part of the movie :)

The movie has been out for a while, yet I still watch some scenes from it. And I totally like this song and this episode:

The song is Starsailor — Way to Fall. For some reason, it sounds in this episode even better, then the original version (maybe because of volume highlighting).

The original movie is available for download at (I would recommend torrent download). If you haven't seen the movie yet — highly recommended.
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