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Sonny by ArmorGames: guide, walkthrough, tips, hints and cheats

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Ok, back to Sonny.
screenshot of sonny flash game by armorgames

Sonny game by ArmorGames is a good example of a nice flash game. Features interesting and active gameplay, nice music and is quite fast to complete. I am really eager to see a sequel - Sonny 2 :)

The game has 4 classes: Destroyer, Guardian, Assassin and Gunslinger (analogues of standard Warrior, Paladin, Rogue and Mage). There is one extra class, available through a companion but not accessible for players: Combat Medic (Healer).

The zombie idea is fun and nice. (I love Dungeon Keeper, Vampire: The Masquerade and other "opposite side" games).

The Sonny game is quite simple, straightforward and entertaining. There is no need to write a guide, FAQ or manual for it's first two episodes - just hack them all :) (oh, and you can hack bosses of these episodes again once you've completed it - you can farm them for a specific item set for example ;)

Hints about the third episode:

  • If you are constantly getting owned by rock golems, you can buy a resistance set from a shop. This will make it way easier. Alternatively, you can simply participate in training fights more. They give you experience, money and equipment, and eventually you'll be able to beat any amount of pesky rock golems. Remember to stun them with Break, Shatter Bolt or simply dispel them with Electro Bolt when they buff themselves with Enrage buff.

  • You can farm Gallant the Paladin for his paladin set. Just go again to Gadi'Kala (the Great Plains) and press Next Battle again. His set is wearable by anyone and provides you with very nice stats, combined with maximum poison piercing - your Veradux friend will start critting for 600+ damage with his Poison spell.

How to beat Baron

Abilities required to beat him: Break(optional), 2xShatter Bolt(optional)

Chain-stun Baron with Break - Shatter Bolt - Break - Shatter Bolt combination - and our paladin friend will do the rest.

How to beat Gallant the Paladin

Abilities required to beat him: Subversion(optional)

To beat Gallant the Paladin nothing special is required. He likes to heal himself for ~2k from time to time, so you can invest into Subversion spell to get him killed easily — once you feel he's gonna heal himself, put Subversion on him and he will kill himself with his heal. Though this is not mandatory - you can simply whack him until he gets out of Focus points to cast heals.

Remember, you can kill him multiple times — for experience, money and Paladin set. And with an extra party member that you will receive after killing him for the first time, he should be easy for all subsequent kills.

After you have completed these three episodes which make the game, you can optionally play a "bonus" episode. The bonus episode contains 4 bosses, shops with the best equipment in the game and unlimited training fights that scale with your level.

The boss fights are a little-bit tricky and interesting. You will probably need to respec couple of times for them. The bosses there include Ignition, Omen, Doctor Herregods and Sinjid's Shadow.

How to beat Ignition

Abilities required to beat him: Heroic Motivation (required), Electro Bolt(optional), Break(optional), Shatter Bolt(optional)

Ignition is first boss in "expansion pack", after you completed the game. He uses only 3 abilities (which make a deadly combination though):

  • Ignite. A spell that hits with fire damage and causes fire damage over 9 turns. Stackable - you can have many of them. Damage is low, the spell is here only to protect his next ability:

  • Fate. The character that has Fate is going to die after next turn if not dispelled. That's why Ignite is so dangerous - spells with longer duration are removed first, so if you have both Ignite and Fate, Ignite gets dispelled first and the character dies from Fate.

  • Dark Healing. Heals Ignition for 1000hp every turn for 9 turns.

Fate is very dangerous. You can't rely on any of your dumb companions to dispel it. You will need to invest at least 2 points to get Heroic Motivation. You can either put 4 Heroic Motivation spells into your quickslot so you are able to dispel every turn or chain-stun him with Break and Shatter Bolt every time he uses Ignite (so he won't cast Fate) until your Heroic Motivation is ready again. Alternatively, you can invest 3 points into Heroic Motivation and don't care about Ignite debuffs and only dispel once you have a Fate spell or 3 Ignites.

The best choice - 4 tier 1 Heroic Motivation spells in your action bar - you save 2 ability points because you don't invest into tier 3 spell, and you can't miss with a healing spells, while you can miss a stun spell.

His heal spell is dangerous. Your companions can eventually dispel it - though it's better to have Electro Bolt in your action bar as well. One rank 1 electro ball should be enough.

How to beat Omen

omen boss from sonny game screenshotAbilities required to beat him: Break or Shatter Bolt (required), Heroic Motivation(optional)

He has 320k hp and it would take a month to hack him down if he didn't possess a very dangerous self-buff: Dark Omen. This ability is deadly both to you and your companions and to himself. When buffed with Dark Omen, his next strike is going to be devastating, killing anyone he strikes instantly, but while he has this buff, he takes roughly 100 times more damage as well.

Strategy is simple. Get Break, Shatter Bolt and Heroic Motivation. When he buffs himself with Dark Omen, use Break or Shatter Bolt on him and let your companions whack him for 50k+ dmg. You need to guarantee that your companions will hit him when he is buffed, so heal them yourself with Heroic Motivation - this way they will always be at full health and will be greatly motivated to hit him, instead of casting some stupid focus regen stuff.

For this mission I would recommend Veradux the medic in paladin's set and Amber the Assassin. Veradux can whack for 50k+ with his poison spell while Omen is under his Dark Omen buff, and Amber can in theory one-shot him if she is under Shadow Blend and crits with Master Strike on a buffed Omen.

How to beat Doctor Herregods

Skills required to beat him: Subversion(required), Break/Shatter bolt(optional)

He is easy.He has one million hp but he likes to heal himself for two millions. Get Subversion and beat him under 990k hp. Put subversion on him and let him heal himself and die.

Stunning him with Shatter bolt can make it easier and more controllable (remember, if you companions hit him when he is under Subversion, it will heal him and he might have no desire to heal himself for a whooping 2mil. So, have the lowest speed to ensure your Subversion lands on him in the end of the turn, when your companions have already hit him).

How to beat Sinjid's Shadow

singid's shadow boss from sonny game screenshotSkills required to beat him: Block(required), Subversion(required), Regeneration(required), Supression(you always have it), Master Strike(optional), Reform(optional)

This guy is mean. He comes with two companions and has an attack that costs 100 focus but can instantly kill anyone.

To defeat him, you will need to have a point in Subversion, a point in Block, at least three points in Regeneration and optionally Master Strike and Reform. That basically means that you can beat him on lvl 10 - though it will take you quite some time if you don't have a way to hit him hard - that's the reason I would recommend Master Strike - it is a high precision attack and it also gives you Break skill. If you have extra ability points, put them into Regeneration to get it to 5, Master Strike and optionally invest one point into Reform - for dire situations.

The combat action bar setup is the following: Supression, two Blocks, Subversion. Two of your damage skills (Master Strike recommended), and possibly Reform and Block (you can use Shatter Bolt instead of Block, from my experience Block works more often though). Put on a set from Gallant the Paladin - it gives you plenty of hp, good protection and a healthy amount of speed - Master Strike depends on speed, so the more you have the merrier. Invest your attribute points into speed as well.

The strategy:just kill him now. You will always have a Block or Subversion ready against his super-power and you will be under Supression or Block against his melee attacks for 95% of time (use Break or Shatter Bolt if you Supression isn't ready yet). If you are low on health - use Reform, though heals from his super-power when you are under Subversion should be enough. If you are lucky enough your companions won't be killed too fast and they will deliver some serious damage to him as well.

There is an alternate option - you can use Disruption to drain his Focus points. His super-power costs 100 points, so as long as you can keep him under 100 points he can't use it. Though, then he will use Shadow Blend, Master Strike and other nasty things, almost one-shotting people. And eventually you will miss Disruption, and that will mean you are one man less. Can still work if you are lucky enough - I just personally love the first way. I was able to hack him like that on lvl 17.


The game is easy enough even without using cheats. But in case you need some extra help, here they are:

  • 'Eat items' glitch:

    1. Go to your inventory screen

    2. Pick up the item that has some stats from your inventory (attention: the item will be destroyed. You will gain the stats though)

    3. Click on "options" button in the bottom of the game screen

    4. With item as your mouse cursor, click on the red background of the options screen

    5. Item will disappear, you will gain stats of this item

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Anonymous said...

Thank you
I needed the help for the sinjids shadow part

Unknown said...

for the sinjids shadow part, what i do is use disrupt wen he has 100 mp bcoz he needs exactly 100 to cast the spell, u can also use shatter bolt so that he doesnt hav alot of chances to regain the 100 mp

Anonymous said...

I "Ate" a whole backpack of the best gear. My gunslinger hit 4000 with magic bolt, and 6000 with electric strike (or what ever the names are). You can apply these to companions too by having their inventory open when you "eat" the item. I did this to the assassin chick and she could hit 15 000.

To do the "special training" or re-choose your skills more than the daily limit just change the date on your system clock.

Anonymous said...

(This is easiest in zone 4) This doesn't really help you but if u are a class that u can't equip a secondary weapon to say uwant an assassin's dagger on a destroyer just equip the dagger you want on an assassin then pick up the weapon then click the picture of the chaacter you want to put the weapon on then click on red bit in the bottom left-hand corner of the inventory page and then the weapon is equipped to them. Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

sinjid was no problem because one i started "eating" items before i got there so i basically had 15752 hp and i could do 21k damage with flame strike

Anonymous said...

u men will attack sinjid men so u need to kill sinjid men first

Anonymous said...

I was fighting the baron without using your idea of chain stunning him. At about 16k hp left, he killed the paladin friend :( I was just mainly using smash and occasionally break, because I was just going pure damage no real strategy. I kept running out of focus (but had regen so could get it back slowly) and veradux wouldn't help me get more focus >.< I now see why I should listen to people like you and chain stun if it says chain stun. I still managed to kill him, but it was mostly because I trained for forever before that fight.

Anonymous said...

I know u dont need to eqiup anything just eat them for who u like to equip it

Anonymous said...

PLz tell me how to use a poison weapon??
which ability is required?

Anonymous said...

i hav a very very high poison piercing... but im not aware of its usage.. plz reply soon.. :)
thnx in advance

Anonymous said...

hey im getting about 1000000000000000 damage from lightening!!
its fun.. doctor herregods and sinjid brothers are not even able to touch me!! :D

Anonymous said...

do u knw how to eat items in sonny 2 ??

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