Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sonny and DevilDriver - digging up

For some reason, Google Webmaster Tools keeps pestering me about a non-existing url in my blog by url probably refers to my original post, which I later split into two:
Devil Driver - Digging up the corpses and Sonny by ArmorGames: guide, walkthrough, tips, hints and cheats. I have checked my blog pretty thoroughly and I can't find a page linking to that old post - and Google can't help me with that — who links here returns zero results. Yet Google continues to methodically check the link every week and pester me with more error reports.
Here you go, Google, this post is exclusively for you :) Bah. It still won't work. Even if the post page doesn't exist, it still appends a suffix in the end of post's url.
said thank you for this page

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