Thursday, June 12, 2008

The shittiest comic I've ever seen: Nowhere Girl

The shittiest comic I've ever seen: Nowhere girl.
I can't believe I've spent my time reading all 43 boring pages of first episode, hoping she will finally kill herself as she promised on the second page.

No way I'm even looking into the second episode.

Seven reasons why this comic sucks:
  1. The main protagonist girl is ugly
  2. You can't distinquish the main protagonist girl from the other girl in this comic.
  3. Positioned like a comic about a gothic depressed chick, in fact it's a comic about a depressed introverted retarded girl full of shit.
  4. 50% of the words in this comic is: like,: He's like, cool. He does cool things, i mean, they're nerdy things, but they're like, really complicated and involved.
  5. The website for the comic sucks, especially "combobox navigation" — isn't directly related to the "why comic sucks", but just adds to the picture.
  6. This is the most stupid story I've ever read.
  7. This is the most boring story I've ever read.
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