Friday, June 27, 2008

Page popularity meter for blogs/sites - Foxrecord

Can you see stars in post titles? This is my small experimental Google AppEngine project called 'FoxRecord'.

The idea is simple. You embed an image in your post specifying your page's url. FoxrRecord returns you an image and increments popularity count for that page.
The popularity of your pages is fairly distributed: 20% of your most popular pages are ranked '5 stars', 20% less popular — '4 stars' and so on.
There is no need for JavaScript that slows down the loading of your page and is often disabled anyways. No more ugly strings like 'Page popularity: 3%' like some WordPress plugins do.
A simple request to FoxRecord gives you an image:
<img src="" />
results in nice fancy stars:

It can be easily embedded into Blogger templates. And WordPress templates as well. Basically, into anything — any domain, any page.

To embed the popularity meter into your blogger posts, you just need to copy/paste the following line somewhere into your post template (check the guide on how to add social bookmark links to your posts in Blogger to see how to edit your post template):
<img expr:src='"" + data:post.url + "&amp;amp;title=" + data:post.title' />

A little bit on API (parameters to /rating page):

  • url — specifies the url of your page. This url will be compared by popularity to other urls from your domain and the appropriate image, specifying it's relative rank, will be returned.

  • title — title of your page. Optional. Specifies a title of your page. Used in 'My top content' widget.

  • style — style of ranking image. Currently the only one supported style is 'stars' (default)

  • categories — specifies categories or tags for the page. Used in 'My top content by category'

  • show — if this argument is 'no', the rank image will not be displayed. Useful in simply gathering statistics, without displaying it. Or, for a first couple of days/hours to gather information about your top content before displaying it.

  • vote — if this argument is 'no', then the ranking image will simply be displayed, but the request will not count in the page popularity rating. Useful if you have multiple rank displays in your pages (for example, in your post title and at the bottom of your post).

All the above parameters are optional, to get the simplest page popularity image you only need to specify an url. FoxRecord will do the rest.

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