Friday, June 6, 2008

insomnia post continued. Too lazy to edit the previous one.

Wtf is it? It looks like spaniards, mexicans and housewives have taken over Blog*Spot. Out of around 30 blogs I visited, 5 are spam blogs, 3 are "how hard it is to be a mother/look at my child", and the rest 22 are in spanish.

Ok 10 more. Some photographers and "my kids".
Zomg one blog in chinese. After that much spanish even this one looks like fresh air.
If I post links here, someone might think that it's a spam log as well. So I won't.
Nevertheless, I've found a funny guy who draws funny stuff. Subscribed.
Plenty of blogs have started to appear again.
I simply can't believe that there are no interesting blogs. Everything you stumble with Next Blog button is about:
  1. Mexicans
  2. Kids
  3. Family
  4. Travels
  5. Homemade photographers
  6. Barack Obama

Some guy sharing software(most surely trojaned), supplying links to his ip.
Omg a couple stands here and the guy looks like he's pregnant.
World of Warcraft e-store splog.

Ok 5 more blogs and I go to sleep.
Oh I will do it nice way. The 5th blog will receive a link from me.
  1. Kids/spanish
  2. Unreadable/not understandable mess in kitten English
  3. One-post blog. About Seoul Incheon Airport. Love that airport. And love the feeling of hot air that strikes you when you go out of it. And the second feeling that strikes you even harder when you realize that it's not an artificial "hot room", but that this is in fact the climate here.
  4. Catholic blog
  5. Ok this one gets the link. A horse blog.

Congratulations. I'm going to sleep.
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