Monday, June 23, 2008

How to add a personalized favicon (favorite icon) to your Blogger blog

To add a customized favicon to your blog:
  1. Find a picture you want to be your blog icon. This can be any image — and any size. Two notes: putting big images is a bad idea because it will load slower, and still will only be represented with 16x16 icon; it is better to use square images, as the image will be zoomed to 16x16. You can also use animated GIF images like I do. A great amount of favicons can be found in this great favicon collection.

  2. Host the image somewhere. I use imageshack. Write down direct image url.

  3. Open your blogger template (Dashboard->Layout->Edit HTML). Find the line
    (it should be somewhere at the top), and insert the following code after it:
    <link rel="icon" type="image/gif" href="">
    Replace in the example above with the path to your favicon, and image/gif with the appropriate icon file type - image/png for *.png, image/jpeg for *.jpeg, img/x-icon for *.ico. Make sure you write the full image URI to make it compatible with most of browsers.

  4. Done. Preview and save the blog.

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