Friday, June 20, 2008

Hellsing anime — Releasing Control Art Restriction System To Level Zero

Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems, approval of Situation A recognized. Commencing the Cromwell invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent.


I've watched Hellsing anime. TV series and OVA.
I became curious about it after watching some music clips on youtube that featured parts of it (for example, Theatres Des Vampires — Dracula and DevilDriver — Digging Up The Corpses).

I'm not an anime fan. Actually, I hate anime, but this one was just... spectacular.

My notes:
  • Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingate Hellsing is SUPER HOT.
  • Vampire hunter Paladin Alexander Anderson is HOT.
  • Alucard is cool, though a bit overpowered. Damn those idiots who spelled his name Arucard in english translation. It's Ākādo in original japanese anyways.
  • Police Girl Seras Victoria is a whiny stupid noob.
  • Other characters are not worth mentioning.
  • The soundtrack for TV series is cool. I liked it.
  • OVA is more in-depth corresponds more to original manga, but I hate it when it shows some scenes in anime-style (a character alone on a colored background with flowers, spirals and shit, these deformed mouths... It looks incredibly stupid).

Notes to specific TV episodes:
  • Episode 1 The Undead — the priest looks very much like a cleric from Equilibrium. Doesn't he? :)
  • Episode 3 Sword Dancer — first appearance of Alexander Anderson. He is totally awesome.
  • Episode 4 Innocent as a human — Do they have a clue what is a ROUND table? Their table is a long rectangle with rounded corners.
  • Episode 5 Brotherhood — Valentine brothers are cool
  • Episode 5 Brotherhood — Seras Victoria uses quite nice Ju-Jitsu technique when she grasps Jan Valentine
  • Episode 8 Kill House — the tracks from the car approach each other. How can it possibly be? :) Or is it a japanese view of "perspective"? :)
  • Episode 13 Hellfire — Alucard impales the demon Incognito — quite his natural style :)

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Anonymous said...

Alucard is inmortal; as the bird of hermes, his nature was reversed to obbey humans. That's why his original name, the lord of the undead, Dracula, was reversed, so, it is read backways, Alucard.

Anonymous said...

Episode 4 "Innocent as a human" — Do they have a clue what is a ROUND table? Their table is a long rectangle with rounded corners.

ugh it's not a literal round table you fool. It is a reference to Arthurian lore.

Cranked said...

Here's a clue train, the last stop is you:

Round table (from Arthurian lore) was made round so nobody sits in a head and thus ensuring equality among everyone. Now, if you make this table rectangular, there _will_ be a head, thus breaking the whole concept of "Arthurian round table" of equality, making the name "round table" for that rectangular table where Integra is clearly a head - hypocritical at least.

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