Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cell phone operators in Switzerland

Sitting in a kitchen after a dinner.

Ben: Dude, why you don't have a swiss phone number still?
Me: Well, because I can't decide which one I should use.
Ben: You told me that half a year ago.
Isabelle: Just take one and stick to it. Take Orange.
Me: Orange is a color of a political force in Ukraine. I don't want to sound political.
Ben: Take Sunrise then.
Me: Well the quality of Sunrise is not as good as Swisscom, plus, I don't want to sound cheap.
Isabelle: Take Swisscom then.
Me: Well as I told you, it depends on which provider my friends use. I will pay a fortune for calls to different networks.
Isabelle: Well, you are rich. And you don't care about money.
Ben: Plus, you don't have any friends anyways.
Me: :-/

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