Monday, June 2, 2008


This is a very disturbing video. The software isn't available yet for download, though featured in the video site that redirects to, and the later asks you to supply your e-mail to be notified once you are eligible to download camspace.

The site claims:
Paradigm shift: Any game, any webcam.
  • Any game? I suppose that to make existing games that have no idea about camspace tool and software you should hook into generating keyboard/mouse events. OK. It only comes to a task of recognition of a controller gesture per every possible mouse click/keyboard button in game.

  • Any webcam? Are you going to say that every webcam is fast enough that the combined lag from capture/processing/recognition will be at least bearable?

P.S. The intention of this post isn't to say "it can't be done" to cam-trax guys. It's rather a blogspot index experiment.
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