Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Zeus IDE for Python

This is my humble overview of Zeus IDE for Python (Windows version).
Zeus Screenshot(click to enlarge):

  1. Installer comes in a zip file that contains a setup file and 7 floppy-sized bin-files. Just strange.
  2. Doesn't properly works with non-indented comments in code folding (this is the problem that kills me in Kate and almost everything else. Only Wing IDE properly parsed that)
  3. Absolutely dumb keybindings (F5 for search, for example, Ctrl-G creates a function list instead of going to a line number, Ctrl-minus closes the current file)
  4. Search by default highlights all the area from current cursor to a found word. Type a letter and all your code is lost.
  5. It seems it has some source control modules - that's a plus. No git source control module. That's minus.
  6. "Function list" feature was made by some drugs addict. What the fuck is the function "ined" pointing to these lines of code:
    pass #no type defined, not a big deal

    Also, list of 20 functions __init__ and __del__ simply frustrates.
  7. Auto-indentation is totally uncomfortable. Pressing backspace to move out of indented block of if/for etc statements is simply irritating

Overall: 3 out of 10. After this, even Wing IDE doesn't look that bad.
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