Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wing IDE for Python

Tried Wing IDE for Python.

Wing screenshot (click to enlarge):
  1. After downloading and installing updates it says "we need to restart". IDE closed itself and I had to search manually in start menu to launch it again.
  2. Huge incomprehensible interface.
  3. After opening my source, it told me "wrong indentation size". Fuck you. I DECIDE what is the right indentation size, not you.
  4. After setting the indentation to 4 and default tab size to 4 as well, it still puts 8 spaces for a tab and still says "wrong indentation" at lines with 4 spaces indent. Come fucking on. You want me to pay $200 for a shit that doesn't even do _absolutely basic_ stuff properly? I don't even feel like trying the rest.
  1. It does some nice tab completion
  2. After a runtime error while running the debugger, it highlights the line on which the error has occured
  3. By default, tab still smashes 8 spaces — whatever you set in your Preferences->Editor->Indentation->Default Tab Size — and it's irritating. Can be fixed by setting Preferences->User Interface->Keyboard->Tab Key Action to Increase Indent.
  4. You can very easily destroy the whole class definition when you press after the folded class declaration
  5. Tab doesn't goddamn work after a declaration — for example, to visually align multiple assignment operators.
My ratings for the course of the day:

Overall value: 3 out 10.
And that's 3 only because it actually manages to do code folding right.
Overall value: 4 out 10. And that's 3 only because it actually manages to do code folding right and +1 because I've seen even worse - Zeus.
Overall value: 5 out 10. It in fact has some nice features which you appreciate only after you try the alternatives.

Conclusion: everything is evaluated in comparison.
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