Tuesday, May 27, 2008

TurboNote+ and all note pad gadgets

I've used TurboNote+ for a month. Now it tells me to register.
The "checkbox" feature works reliably only on the initial demo note. After it - it's just shit.
The "sticky" feature is basically all that differs it from the regular notepad.exe.
And you can get it with scratchpad Google Gadget.
And btw. The scratchpad Google Gadget has a feature to synchronize all your data across computers that use Google Desktop with same account - while with TurboNote you simply cannot do that. Chat over lan? Wtf is instant messengers or simple voice is for?
I will just pour all notes that I made with it here.

Overall: 6 out of 10. Didn't pester me and didn't have any bad features, but just isn't worth the risk to expose your visa card details online. (and to be precise - sticky notepad.exe simply isn't worth $30).

I wish KDE BasKet was available under Windows. And it looks way cooler. Check this out:
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