Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lillasyster Umbrella and dumb fucking pirates


The description says:

More @ www.lillasyster.org!
View more videos from lillasyster @ lillasyster.org

The lillasyster.org site says:

Lillasyster UnOfficeal FanSite
Lillasyster - Umbrella and all Lillasyster videos content is hosted on Youtube and therefore we take no responsibility for embeding this material.

So the fucking idiots first put unlicensed videos on YouTube, marking them with "lillasyster.org" label, and then on lillasyster.org claim that they take no responsibility because it's not their fault that someone has put pirated videos on YouTube.

Jesus Christ, what a fucking asshats.
One day I will change my job description to "Purifier". To bring light and happiness to this world. To put spammers, scammers, phishers, spam commenters and especially people who send chain letters to justice. To put them first into my awesome van for some really healthy beating with legs, and then to jail so they can have their backhole destroyed heavy time.

I do understand that some people do this for money. That someone earns millions on spam business. And — at least — they don't sell drugs to kids. But if you are so fucking dumb to do something like "lillasyster.org" dumbasses — you deserve a painful anal death.

My point is — if you are a pirate — that's fine. Put cracks, hacks, porn, warez, free mp3's, viruses, trojans, exploits — whatever — on your site, but then don't fucking be a pussy trying to write something like we take no responsibility.
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