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How to make Quick Edit pencil icon appear in Blogger Jeans Template or "I don't see my Quick Edit icon in Blogger Jeans Template"

That's what you should do to make Quick Edit icon appear in Blogger Jeans Template:

Preparation steps (if you're a pro you can skip them of course and proceed to edit the template (don't forget to Expand Widget Templates though)):
  1. Go to Layout Customization Settings. Jeans template doesn't show navigation bar, so you can't simply press Customize button on NavBar — though you can access your dashboard at page and press a Manage Layout button there.
  2. Goto Edit HTML tab
  3. Click on Download Full Template to save a backup of your template so you can feel easy and safe while hacking on your beloved blog template.
  4. Click on Expand Widget Templates checkbox

Now, editing the template code itself. There are three basic ways it can be easily done — they are described below, together with the pictures of how it will look:

  1. Asterisk sign (or any other custom text) in title bars of your posts (requires minimum invasion into your template code):
    To make your Quick Edit button look like an asterisk sign (*) (or any other custom text), perform the following:
    Search your template code for the text <span class="quick-edit-icon"> (standard Ctrl-F search combination works). If you can't find the text — then you didn't expand widget templates, click on that checkbox to activate it and search again. Once you've found the line, insert the asterisk sign *right after it. Actually, it doesn't matter what you type there — for example you can put something like <Edit Entry> — as long as it is between <span class='quick-edit-icon'> and next </span> tags. Save the template — the Edit post label will not be visible in a preview.

  2. Standard Blogger pencil icon (or any other custom image) in title bars of your posts (slightly more invasion):To make your Quick Edit button look like a standard Blogger "pencil" icon (or any other custom image), perform the following:
    Search your template code for the text <span class="quick-edit-icon"> (standard Ctrl-F search combination works). If you can't find the text — then you didn't expand widget templates, click on that checkbox to activate it and search again. Once you've found the line, insert this code right after it:<img alt='' class='icon-action' src=''/>Here how it should look:You can also replace the standard pencil image url ('') with any other picture of your choice. Save the template — the Quick Edit post icon will not be visible in a preview.

  3. Standard Blogger pencil icon in the footer of your post, near the Email this to a friend button — where it is usually placed in Blogspot layouts. (some more hacking):
    To get this result, you should first perform at least one of the previously described ways to make Quick Edit button visible. Then, search for an indented block that starts with a following line:<b:if cond='data:post.emailPostUrl'>and place this code<b:include data='post' name='postQuickEdit'/> right after the whole block, not the first line of it, just before the line <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;item&quot;'>It should look like this:
    Now, if you don't want to see the Quick Edit icon in the title of your post, search for the previous inclusion of the code <b:include data='post' name='postQuickEdit'/> in your template, and delete the line.
    Voila. Save the template — the Quick Edit icon won't show in a preview.

So. This how-to guide explains the steps you need to take to show and customize your Quick Edit Post button in your Blogspot Jeans template. If it didn't work for you — just leave a comment here and I will try to look into the issue. If it works — I will be glad to hear confirmations as well :)

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Peach said...

Hello. I followed the directions for #3 and now have a pencil icon in the title bar and post footer. how can i erase the one in the title bar? Thanks.

Cranked said...

Search your template for the code
<b:include data='post' name='postQuickEdit'/>
and delete it.

It should look like on this picture

Please let me know if it worked for you :)

Peach said...

Perfect! Thanks!

southside boy said...

Hey! Thanks a million for your help on the jeans template. YOU finally got mine working for me!

Cranked said...

No problem :) Come again :)

Alex said...

Thank you for your clear explanations.

Anonymous said...

thanks this post solved a lot of problems for me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks yaaar

Cranked said...

My pleasure :) Glad to help.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem regarding the Jeans template.
Why are the sidebar widgets able to be moved by jst a mouse click though we are not logged on ???

Cranked said...

This is the 'feature' that came from porting Jeans template from originally Wordpress to Blogger template.
I will even tell you more - anyone can move them, not only you when you are logged off.
However... this is 'client-only' rearranging. When they rearrange it, changes are saved only in their browser, but all the new visitors to your site will see the layout of your sidebar that you have set while being logged in.

So if someone wants to rearrange your sidebar for his own needs - they can do it, but it will work only in their own browser, you don't have to worry about it :)

fihanna said...

I put the edit pencil!!!

Rune said...


maybe you could help me?

Cranked said...

I'll have a look :)

By the way, are you logged into ?

Cranked said...

Just wanted to ensure that. I'll look into your template, Rune, as soon as I have time :)

Rune said...

It's fixed. Didn't have to do a thing... Se forum link.

Anonymous said...

I have tried this but it doesn't work.
Please reply if you can do it for me.
I am using Crystal Blue template form

Audrey said...

It worked! It worked! It worked! And I wasn't even using this specific template. I tried a tutorial on another site but it didn't make any sense to me (and evidently to a lot of other commenters, too). It was on this forum that I saw your link with the solution. Thank you! It was frustrating me. G

Naomi Johnson said...

Bravo! After wasting time with a different "solution" that wasn't, this was fast, simple and worked the first time!

Nadiah Abidin said...

Thank you very much for this post. It really worked for me after trying several tips. Two thumbs up for you! Have a wonderful day :)

Lucy P。 said...


It works for me. Thanks ^-^

Anonymous said...

i still can make how?? there are nothing appear in my blog..

Aryanie Ismail said...

hi, love this template. it seem worked on my blog until my friend complaint that she can't leave a comment in my post. Please help me how to fix it? thanks

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