Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Convert Hijack to Checkout

The file *****.vcproj has been modified. Do you want to use it as a checked out file? (If not, it will be renamed.)

Solution has 176 projects... And for every project — this dialog. Yes to all button is disabled.

I hate Clearcase (and the way it's integration with Visual Studio 2005 is done) with all my guts. This is the shittiest product in this space-time continuum. period.

I want to do some rfe changes, I create my own personal branch from the main trunk.. I do WHATEVER I WANT with that branch — even put ascii porn inside every source file. Then I merge it into the trunk, and source control system keeps track of the changes I made.


Why the fuck I have to experience delays because some fucking idiot decided that it would be nice to contact the source control server every time I change one byte in a file that is on my local hard drive? Why the fuck I have to see all those fucking dialog boxes "File was not checked out" when in fact it was? Why the fuck do I have to press "Cancel" button ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY SIX times because The file *****.vcproj was modified. Do you want to use it as a checked out file?? THESE ARE MY FILES, ON MY PC, AND I DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH THEM. Show me dialogs once I decide to submit them into main branch, and not every 5 minutes of my work.
Fucking dolts. Every evening I ask little Jesus to embrace their genocide.
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