Friday, May 30, 2008

Blogger Blue Jeans Template

I have installed a Blue Jeans Template for Blogger, and here are my notes on troubleshooting the porting issue from a WordPress template to a Blogger.
This is a port of an original WordPress Blue Jeans Template, and while still looking cool even on BlogSpot, it has some integration issues like Quick Edit pencil icon doesn't show, your profile picture looks too small in Profile widget, Older Posts and Newer Posts labels are off-the background pictures, blockquotes are not fully encased by "thread" border and some others. I will address these issues while working on my blog and write the actions that I took. Eventually I will put here my the fixed template, so it will be available for download.
Meanwhile, this post will serve as a contents post for this how-to.

List of things that are not working/are problematic in the ported Blue Jeans template:
  1. No navbar so you can't access your dashboard - Dashboard can be accessed through link.
  2. Strings "Undefined" "Undefined" "Undefined" to the left of your blog title bar. Easily fixed by going to Settings->Formatting and setting DATE HEADER FORMAT field to (for example, "Friday, August 13, 2000")
  3. Once you try to set a bigger font size, spacing between the lines remains the same, so a bigger font doesn't look very sexy - fixed by also specifying letter-spacing parameter in the tag where you specify the font size.
  4. Quick Edit Post icon doesn't show up - see below
  5. Navigation links are garbled - see below
  6. Blockquotes are not fully encased with "thread" borders
  7. Profile photo in "My Profile" widget looks too small

Ok. Here's contents for now:

  1. How to make Quick Edit pencil icon appear in Blogger Jeans Template (or I don't see my Quick Edit icon in Blogger Jeans Template)
  2. How to fix navigation buttons in Blue Jeans Blogger Template or "My navigation links are getting wrapped to the next line"

  3. How to fix the unnumbered list in Blogger Blue Jeans Template or "unnumbered list bullets overlap with item's text"

Doesn't exactly touch the Jeans Template integration into Blogger topic, though the Blogger template design topic overall:How to add social bookmark links to your posts in Blogger
said thank you for this page

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Wanie Idayu said...

Hello! Thanks for the tip. I am using this template for my blog However I am quite a novice in blogger so I apologize me if the question that I ask is stupid.

Anyway, I find that in the Jeans page element (under layout) there are (1) Recent Posts (2) Recent Comments. However, I find that it did not appear in my blog. There's field in the page element for for Feed URL which is blank. And when I fill-in my blog address into it (, it said "Invalid Feed URL". What have I done wrong? Please help...

Cranked said...

Hello Wanie,

You did everything right, however feed widget is too dumb to figure the feed url from your hostname. It is easy to fix :)

Your Recent Posts feed url is

And your Recent Comments url address is

Just use them in Feed URL field instead of, and everything will be fine :)

Happy blogging :)

Story Teller said...

i can’t see any menu in right side of my blog in Internet Explorer. However i can see all menus perfectly fine in mozilla.

again if i go into any of my old posts, i can see all right side menus in IE too, but in home page, nothing is visible. why?

please help me in fixing this issue.

you can view my blog here

Cranked said...

Internet Explorer messes up a bit on some posts.
In your case, it is (there will be no right sidebar in this post either, while it will be present on all other post pages).

Possible solutions:
A. Don't use Internet Explorer
B. Write some more posts so this one will be moved from your main page and sidebar will be displayed again.
C. You can also reduce the number of posts displayed per page in your Blogger Dashboard->Settings->Formatting->Show X Posts on the main page.

Hope this helps.

Story Teller said...

eh, thanks for taking time in replying me, i'll see if converting to wordpress would solve this issue...

Cranked said...

NP :)

A great graphic artist, Doug Cloud, has written an awesome article about differences between WordPress and Blogger, and I recommend you to check that one :)

Good luck :)

Bilal Ahmad said...

Great and thank you so so much for such a informative blog.
Specially the design is outclass.Would you like to give me the name of this theme.
Thank you.
Bilal Ahmad

Cranked said...

The template I use in my blog is custom-created by my blogspot template inspired by Neosapien theme.

uNa said...

hey there...i'm una.. this template for my blog i have this prob which my blog can't be there any problems??
how can i add in the "comment" tab on the page? can you please help me on this.. appreciate it so much..=)

uNa said...

hey there...i'm una.. this template for my blog i have this prob which my blog can't be there any problems??
how can i add in the "comment" tab on the page? can you please help me on this.. appreciate it so much..=)

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