Saturday, May 31, 2008

The End of This Chapter

This is the last post for May.

Isabelle came home

Ok Isabelle came home. She was in a good mood because she won some international medicine conference in Zurich. We're saved.

Napoleon Dynamite the Movie

Quite a stupid one. "A movie about nothing". Don't like such stuff. The last one I watched like this was "Devil wears Prada".
Still. This movie had made me laugh quite some times. Uncle Rico is quite a businessman ;) Especially with tits enlargement stuff. Napoleon resembles a guy that studied with me in a high school. Exactly the same appearance :))

Reminded me about a guy on YouTube (or was it a guy from World of Warcraft) that had a nickname "Napoleon", explaining, that "Napoleon Dynamite" was his favorite movie. Jesus Christ. Funny? Maybe. Entertaining? Hmm. Maybe. But I really pity a guy who claims this movie to be "his favorite".

Overall: 4.5 out of 10. Don't watch this movie.

How to install a Sony Vaio MotionEye webcam driver (ricoh r5u870) on Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

The webcam (Sony Vaio VGN-FZ21M, this guide applies to almost every Sony Vaio notebook webcam model though) was a bit tricky. I've tried multiple drivers, including the mediati one. At some point I even had to recover my system by booting from an installation CD, mounting my hard drive and removing the driver files and configuration entries in /etc/modules manually, because my Hardy Heron's attempts to load the driver at boot were going into failure/retry dead loop.

The one that worked for me was a driver package from Here's my installation steps:

  1. Author claims that r5u870 module is not compatible with the module uvcvideo, so check if you have it installed and remove it first if necessary.
  2. Current Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron uses kernel version 2.6.24, so the appropriate driver distribution is this one: r5u870-0.11.2.
  3. Kubuntu distribution had kernel headers already installed, so you can proceed further. Otherwise you will need to install at least linux-headers-generic package
  4. Unpack the driver:
    tar xvfz r5u870-0.11.2.tar.gz
    cd r5u870-0.11.2

  5. Build driver:
    sudo make
  6. Install driver:
    sudo make install
  7. Push the newly-build module into kernel:
    sudo modprobe r5u870
  8. The webcam should become available immediately. Test it with Skype, Cheese or whatever. (the device for webcam will be /dev/video0)
  9. Now, if it works, add it to autoboot. Under root privileges, open /etc/modules and add the following lines:

    It's a small letter "L" in "v4l1-compat" and "v4l2-common", not capital letter "i".
  10. Save the file.
  11. Keep the original installation directory — in case your kernel version is updated, you will need to repeat the steps 5-7.

That should be it.

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Omg Isabelle is going to kill us

Omg Isabelle is going to kill us. I've just noticed that flowers and plants on our balcony have started to wither.
Of course, as real men, me and Jan are not afraid.
But it's a fact - we're gonna be very dead once Isabelle comes home from Germany.

How to fix navigation buttons in Blue Jeans Blogger Template or "My navigation links are getting wrapped to the next line"

This is mostly a Firefox issue, as it is said that in Internet Explorer it is displayed properly.
Still, I use Firefox and Konqueror, and this broken navigation was annoying me.

To fix it, you need to set font to a fixed size and tweak navigation items margins a little bit.
Here's a step-by-step guide:
  1. Open your template code (see in previous sections how to do it)
  2. Find a line that starts with .navigation {position:relative;
  3. Insert font-size:12px; between .navigation { and position:relative;
  4. Scroll down to a line
    .navigation span.prev {width:100px; float:left; margin-left: 45px; }
    and change it to
    .navigation span.prev {width:100px; float:left; margin-left: 38px; }
  5. Scroll down to a line
    .navigation {width:100px; float:right; margin-right: 45px; }
    and change it to
    .navigation {width:100px; float:right; margin-right: 42px; }
So the template code should look like this (blue color marks modified spots):

Save the template.
Your resulting navigation buttons will look like this:

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Friday, May 30, 2008

How to make Quick Edit pencil icon appear in Blogger Jeans Template or "I don't see my Quick Edit icon in Blogger Jeans Template"

That's what you should do to make Quick Edit icon appear in Blogger Jeans Template:

Preparation steps (if you're a pro you can skip them of course and proceed to edit the template (don't forget to Expand Widget Templates though)):
  1. Go to Layout Customization Settings. Jeans template doesn't show navigation bar, so you can't simply press Customize button on NavBar — though you can access your dashboard at page and press a Manage Layout button there.
  2. Goto Edit HTML tab
  3. Click on Download Full Template to save a backup of your template so you can feel easy and safe while hacking on your beloved blog template.
  4. Click on Expand Widget Templates checkbox

Now, editing the template code itself. There are three basic ways it can be easily done — they are described below, together with the pictures of how it will look:

  1. Asterisk sign (or any other custom text) in title bars of your posts (requires minimum invasion into your template code):
    To make your Quick Edit button look like an asterisk sign (*) (or any other custom text), perform the following:
    Search your template code for the text <span class="quick-edit-icon"> (standard Ctrl-F search combination works). If you can't find the text — then you didn't expand widget templates, click on that checkbox to activate it and search again. Once you've found the line, insert the asterisk sign *right after it. Actually, it doesn't matter what you type there — for example you can put something like <Edit Entry> — as long as it is between <span class='quick-edit-icon'> and next </span> tags. Save the template — the Edit post label will not be visible in a preview.

  2. Standard Blogger pencil icon (or any other custom image) in title bars of your posts (slightly more invasion):To make your Quick Edit button look like a standard Blogger "pencil" icon (or any other custom image), perform the following:
    Search your template code for the text <span class="quick-edit-icon"> (standard Ctrl-F search combination works). If you can't find the text — then you didn't expand widget templates, click on that checkbox to activate it and search again. Once you've found the line, insert this code right after it:<img alt='' class='icon-action' src=''/>Here how it should look:You can also replace the standard pencil image url ('') with any other picture of your choice. Save the template — the Quick Edit post icon will not be visible in a preview.

  3. Standard Blogger pencil icon in the footer of your post, near the Email this to a friend button — where it is usually placed in Blogspot layouts. (some more hacking):
    To get this result, you should first perform at least one of the previously described ways to make Quick Edit button visible. Then, search for an indented block that starts with a following line:<b:if cond='data:post.emailPostUrl'>and place this code<b:include data='post' name='postQuickEdit'/> right after the whole block, not the first line of it, just before the line <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;item&quot;'>It should look like this:
    Now, if you don't want to see the Quick Edit icon in the title of your post, search for the previous inclusion of the code <b:include data='post' name='postQuickEdit'/> in your template, and delete the line.
    Voila. Save the template — the Quick Edit icon won't show in a preview.

So. This how-to guide explains the steps you need to take to show and customize your Quick Edit Post button in your Blogspot Jeans template. If it didn't work for you — just leave a comment here and I will try to look into the issue. If it works — I will be glad to hear confirmations as well :)

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Blogger Blue Jeans Template

I have installed a Blue Jeans Template for Blogger, and here are my notes on troubleshooting the porting issue from a WordPress template to a Blogger.
This is a port of an original WordPress Blue Jeans Template, and while still looking cool even on BlogSpot, it has some integration issues like Quick Edit pencil icon doesn't show, your profile picture looks too small in Profile widget, Older Posts and Newer Posts labels are off-the background pictures, blockquotes are not fully encased by "thread" border and some others. I will address these issues while working on my blog and write the actions that I took. Eventually I will put here my the fixed template, so it will be available for download.
Meanwhile, this post will serve as a contents post for this how-to.

List of things that are not working/are problematic in the ported Blue Jeans template:
  1. No navbar so you can't access your dashboard - Dashboard can be accessed through link.
  2. Strings "Undefined" "Undefined" "Undefined" to the left of your blog title bar. Easily fixed by going to Settings->Formatting and setting DATE HEADER FORMAT field to (for example, "Friday, August 13, 2000")
  3. Once you try to set a bigger font size, spacing between the lines remains the same, so a bigger font doesn't look very sexy - fixed by also specifying letter-spacing parameter in the tag where you specify the font size.
  4. Quick Edit Post icon doesn't show up - see below
  5. Navigation links are garbled - see below
  6. Blockquotes are not fully encased with "thread" borders
  7. Profile photo in "My Profile" widget looks too small

Ok. Here's contents for now:

  1. How to make Quick Edit pencil icon appear in Blogger Jeans Template (or I don't see my Quick Edit icon in Blogger Jeans Template)
  2. How to fix navigation buttons in Blue Jeans Blogger Template or "My navigation links are getting wrapped to the next line"

  3. How to fix the unnumbered list in Blogger Blue Jeans Template or "unnumbered list bullets overlap with item's text"

Doesn't exactly touch the Jeans Template integration into Blogger topic, though the Blogger template design topic overall:How to add social bookmark links to your posts in Blogger

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Matt Cutts and the Map of The Internet

It was very nice today to discover Matt Cutts blog and to figure out that he also likes this xkcd comic as much as I do. (my post about it, his post about it).

In his post he mentions another really cool xkcd comic :) And I just can't resist the urge to post it here as well :))
map of the internet

Original picture here: map of the Internet.

Daily quotes - 2. A viking and his umbrella.

9 days ago. Lunch time, soccer table.

Me: You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella...
Adrian: So, are you a big Rihanna fan? ;)
Me: Well, no. I've just discovered a very nice swedish band from the city I used to live before, and they sing a cover to this song, in a very nice and viking way. (my post about Lillasyster — Umbrella)
Adrian: Well, that sounded pretty much like an original version
Me: Well, I thought since I'm so masculine, my singing will surely sound very manly and in a very viking way already.
Adrian: Yeah. Sure. First thing that came to my mind when I've heard your Umbrella, ella, ella... was a big yellow-haired bearded viking.

Made me remember this drawing from borya-spec's journal.

Daily quotes - 1. An engineer and his fuel.

The story: coffee machine has run out of beans.

Christian: Coffee machine isn't working?
Me: Yeah, it isn't
Mike [relaxed mode, not even turning his head]: Oh, just turn it on
Me: Well, it ran out of beans
Mike [kernel panic mode]: Out of beans? That means NO COFFEE?!?!???

Never leave an engineer without a vital supply of coffee :)

The solution was found pretty fast though. We raided a traning room's coffee machine's container.
And it's good, because otherwise we would have to raid Doug Hill's office, he has a coffee machine there as well :)

Designing For Evil

In his Designing For Evil article at Coding Horror, Jeff Atwood discusses the ways of evil over good. I would just put here some excerpts and my highlights from the article.

Spam on Craigslist has been a minor nuisance for years. Not any more. This year, the spammers started winning and are taking over Craigslist.

Several commercial products are now available to overcome those little obstacles to bulk posting. CL Auto Posting Tool is one such product. It not only posts to Craigslist automatically, it has built-in strategies to overcome each Craigslist anti-spam mechanism:

  1. Random text is added to each spam message to fool Craigslist's duplicate message detector.
  2. IP proxy sites are used to post from a wide range of IP addresses.
  3. E-mail addresses for reply are Gmail accounts conveniently created by Jiffy Gmail Creator (ed. note: this does not break Google's CAPTCHA, as you can see in this screenshot.)
  4. An OCR system reads the obscured text in the CAPTCHA.
  5. Automatic monitoring detects when a posting has been flagged as spam and reposts it.

Craigslist is fighting back. Its latest gimmick is phone verification. Posting in some categories now requires a callback phone call, with a password sent to the user either by voice or as an SMS message. Only one account is allowed per phone number. Spammers reacted by using VoIP numbers. Craigslist blocked those. Spammers tried using number-portability services like Grand Central and Tossable Digits. Craigslist blocked those. Spammers tried using their own free ringtone sites to get many users to accept the Craigslist verification call, then type in the password from the voice messageete. Craigslist hasn't countered that trick yet.

It's an old trick to make your "free stuff" site visitors solve CAPTCHA's for ya. Yet I haven't heard of anyone beating that one yet.

Wikipedia is a living testament to the fact that goodness vastly outnumbers evil.

The problem is - bad guys are just way better organized. And they receive money for doing it.

And this one is just masterpiece. I will watch Spaceballs for sure after this:

HELMET So, Lone Starr, Yogurt has taught you well. If there is one thing I despise, it is a fair fight. But if I must than I must. May the best man win. Put 'er there. (offers to shake his hand) Dark Helmet, from Spaceballs

LONE STARR goes to shake his hand. HELMET takes the ring off LONE STARR'S hand.

HELMET The ring. I can't believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book. What a goof. What's with you man? Come on. You know what? No, here let me give it back to you. (offers the ring back)

LONE STARR goes up to get the ring back. HELMET throws it in a grate. The ring goes in the grate. LONE STARR tries to catch it and falls to the grate.

HELMET Oh, look. You fell for that, too. I can't believe it man.

LONE STARR gets up and runs to a corner.

HELMET So, Lone Starr, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.

Excellent :)

One thing from the article that is also worth the notice and on which I can't stop stressing enough: NOFOLLOW your suspicious links. And hope that search engines won't penalize you for them.

I don't usually agree with Jeff Atwood on the things he talks about. He's too mainstream (his Microsoft Windows Vista Start Menu rocks article), too "sterilization and order" geek ("Don't touch my display... Oh, and don't touch my keyboard as well" — noone likes it much, there's no reason to make a paranoia out of it though), oh, and he has a dumb and scared voice in his "How to record an mp3 file using your telephone" (mp3 here), though articles like this one are still the reason why I read his codinghorror blog :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Convert Hijack to Checkout

The file *****.vcproj has been modified. Do you want to use it as a checked out file? (If not, it will be renamed.)

Solution has 176 projects... And for every project — this dialog. Yes to all button is disabled.

I hate Clearcase (and the way it's integration with Visual Studio 2005 is done) with all my guts. This is the shittiest product in this space-time continuum. period.

I want to do some rfe changes, I create my own personal branch from the main trunk.. I do WHATEVER I WANT with that branch — even put ascii porn inside every source file. Then I merge it into the trunk, and source control system keeps track of the changes I made.


Why the fuck I have to experience delays because some fucking idiot decided that it would be nice to contact the source control server every time I change one byte in a file that is on my local hard drive? Why the fuck I have to see all those fucking dialog boxes "File was not checked out" when in fact it was? Why the fuck do I have to press "Cancel" button ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY SIX times because The file *****.vcproj was modified. Do you want to use it as a checked out file?? THESE ARE MY FILES, ON MY PC, AND I DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH THEM. Show me dialogs once I decide to submit them into main branch, and not every 5 minutes of my work.
Fucking dolts. Every evening I ask little Jesus to embrace their genocide.

Arch Enemy

Today I woke up listening to this song.

I am the enemy
I am the antidote
Watch me closely
I Will Stand up... NOW!

Stereotype fools
Playing the game
Nothing Unique
They all look the same
In this Sea of Mediocrity
I can be anything
Anything I want to be

Вечерний Гугл Ридер

Артемий Татьянович Лебедев: Ой, да что я все про кофе, да про кофе. Чай я люблю ничуть не меньше (в чае, кстати, больше кофеина, чем в кофе).

Анатолий Воробей (через час): Часто пишут (!!! примечание мое :)), что в чае больше кофеина, чем в кофе. Не верьте. Это пример ложного факта, который никогда не умрет, потому что его парадоксальность слишком притягательна.

Учитывая что они друзья ирл, политкорректности господина Анатолия можно только позавидовать :) А мог бы и ножиком пырнуть...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Спостереження про Гугл в Україні

До речі. Якшо набрати то Вас редіректне на похабненький, на коліні роблений "сайт знайомств" "Кохаймося". Саме тому сайт Гугла українською знаходиться на
Дивує, чому Гугл при всій своїй активній боротьбі з malware (і при володінні брендом Google), не прищучує таких от "спритників".

А на запит лошади летают вдохновенно він мені радісно видає клоакнутий паркінг

Апдейт: то не клоакнутий паркінг. Виявляється, коні були справді оригінально на

Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life

StumbleUpon sometimes brings very nice pages. And especially when you need them.

Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life

Письма счастья реальных пацанов

Отправь это сообщение пацанам с района и мне тоже.

Если 3 вернется назад, то этой осенью ты купишь себе новый спортивный костюм. Сегодня в полночь ты отработаешь у метро мабилу Нокиа 8600 ( в металлическом корпусе) хорошее произойдет с тобой завтра в ПТУ на второй паре.

Но если ты оборвешь цепь, то потеряешь барсетку, кепку и четки!

Если пошлеш 25 четким пацанчикам, то через 19 минут тебе позвонит участковый и скажет, что тебя сняли с учета.

Python regexp quiz for geeks

What does blackbox function return?

import re
def blackbox(num):
  return not re.match(r"^1?$|^(11+?)\1+$", "1"*num)

Правописание -ться и -тся в глаголах

Цель урока: выучить правило правописания -ться и -тся в глаголах.

Оборудование: компьютер, интернет, жж, IQ>0, лучи кровавого поноса и рака мозга.

Итак, запомните это простое правило:

-тся - пишется в случае, когда глагол отвечает на вопрос - Что делает? Что сделает? Что сделают?
Мужики напьются, подерутся, помирятся и снова напьются. (Что сделают?)

-ться - пишется в случае, когда глагол отвечает на вопрос - Что делать?
А давайте ширяться, сексом заниматься и морально разлагаться! (Что делать?)
P.S.: Это правило проходят в пятом(sic!) классе общеобразовательной школы. Стыдно.
P.S. Квипом не пользуюсь, Гугл просто выдает это как первоисточник.


Во время падения звезды восьмиклассник не успел определиться с желанием и стал обладателем многоскоростного велосипеда с большими сиськами.

Фильм по мотивам.

TurboNote+ and all note pad gadgets

I've used TurboNote+ for a month. Now it tells me to register.
The "checkbox" feature works reliably only on the initial demo note. After it - it's just shit.
The "sticky" feature is basically all that differs it from the regular notepad.exe.
And you can get it with scratchpad Google Gadget.
And btw. The scratchpad Google Gadget has a feature to synchronize all your data across computers that use Google Desktop with same account - while with TurboNote you simply cannot do that. Chat over lan? Wtf is instant messengers or simple voice is for?
I will just pour all notes that I made with it here.

Overall: 6 out of 10. Didn't pester me and didn't have any bad features, but just isn't worth the risk to expose your visa card details online. (and to be precise - sticky notepad.exe simply isn't worth $30).

I wish KDE BasKet was available under Windows. And it looks way cooler. Check this out:

Голактеко опасносте! Матки отакуют каробли.

Рассказ, присланный на конкурс фантастов. Представлен с оригинальными ошибками :)))

(в скобках комментарии судьи)

Зовут меня, Лобанов Александр мне 14 лет. Сначала может быть скучно, но вы дочитайте до конца (пост скриптум написано, плизз).

(опус у нас называется) Жестокая Голактика.

Год 3132. Система Солнце. Планета земля.

Меня Зовут Джон Кавер. Мне 30 лет. В 3072 году когда на нашу голактику напала Махпела (хмм…махпела), мои отец был пиратом (пишет нам Лобанов Александр). Когда же все рейнджеры сражались с махпелой мой отец грабил и уничтожал мирные корабли, залетал (отец понимаеш у него, залетал) на планеты, грабил банки, убивал мирных граждан и здешних пиратов (его кстати не махпела звали? Отца то твоего? ) Этим он конечно же прославился (Кооонешно же он прославился) и нажил себе много врагов.

В один прекрастный день, когда отец был на пиратской базе, пил напитки (мог бы написать ещё ел еду) и думал как ограбить банк, внезапно ворвались трое молоков (хм…трое молоков…ворвались…Лобанов Александр, молока это вобше-то рыбья сперма к вашему сведению, ворвались значитсо трое молоков) подошли к моему отцу, и спрашивают как его зовут. Когда отец ответил они достали пушки и убили его (действительно прекрасный день).

После этого прошло много лет. Мать нашла себе нового мужа. Они поженились (Внимание) и родился я (...наверное от молоков). Когда мне исполнилось 28 лет я улетел на марс (ну что сказать? правильно сделал что улетел).

(глава следующяя)
Дата: 3132 год. 7 апреля.
Время: 13:08

В этот день я поехал записываться рейнджером потому что чувствовал, что скоро будет новая война (ну правильно, конечно, да, чёж не записаться? ) Когда я приехал в центр рейнджеров, мне сразу же дали много бумаг которые я должен заполнить. После двух часов я наконец заполнил их (удивительно). Меня записали в атряд JS-32.

Дата: 3133 год. 28 апреля.
Время: 11:23

Я сидел и смотрел телевизор (это он что? полтора года выходит телевизор смотрел? ха-ха.значит так, полтора года смотрел телевизор) как вдруг на экране появились специальный выпуск новастей. В них говорилось о том как из под контроля вышел завод протоплазменных машин и они терроризируют голактику (боже ты мой...). Через 15 мин мне пришло письмо о повестки на военную базу. Через 24 мин я был на базе (шустрый мальчик). Меня посадили на корабль где меня ждал мой отряд. Командир мне сразу рассказал план задания. Мы должны были прорваться сквозь обарону кольца, сесть на планету (логично предположить), найти завод и уничтожить матку (хм…матку…уничтожить матку…у роботов…а то правда-матка понимаешь глаза колит)

И вот мы взлетаем. С нами летят (записываем) : 50 военных кароблей, 4 эсминца, и 7 кароблей техпомощи. И вот наступил этот момент…Мы двинулись в бой. Начали мосированую атаку на середину, но они дали нам отпор (ха, ещё бы, середина она такая знаеш ли, чуть зазевался такой отпор даст мало непокажется…нда, атаку на середину начали). Мы потеряли много кароблей включая и 5 транспортов (5 транспортов…так...с нами летят 50 военных, 4 эсминца…эсминец не военный чтоли?, и 7 кароблей техпомощи…потеряли 5 транспортов…наверно при вылете потеряли, так ну ладно) Но всё таки мы прорвались. «Вот она эта планета» прокричал камондир.

Она была тёмно серая, мрачная, как будто была домом роботов. И наконец высадились. Неподалёку от нас воевал отряд альфа и браво. Мы присоединились к ним. Браво говорит нам уничтожить бронебойного робота слева. Гранатомётчик выполнять приказ. Он зарежает потрон. Встаёт. Прицеливается. И выстреливает. В этот момент робот успевает выстрелить. Пуля летит ему в голову (роботу чтоли? ). Он не успевает пригнуться. И падает на землю. Робот пал – и человек пал. (и откуда столько пафоса в 14 лет? ) сказал капитан (ну хоть бы как то я не знаю, как-то для разнообразия например…ну…робот пал например, а человек секам…всётаки как вот повеселее было б). "Ребята мы уже близко" - кричит пулемётчик из отряда дельта (он то откуда вылез? Только альфа и браво воевали рядом то? ). И тут случилось непредвиденное. У всех заканчиваются потроны и гранаты (от это я понимаю…от это непредвиденное…дааа…завтра война я устал и гранаты закончились).

«Нам этого не хватит» кричит капитан (ну конечно, того что закончилось не хватит). Все сели и начали думать что нам теперь делать (а роботы видно рядом собрались в кружок покурить, чтоб не мешать им думать). И вот кто-то из солдат услышал рёв турбин. Это был каробль техпомощи (наш телефон 22 33 22 45, круг-ло-су-то-чно). Каробль техпомощи летел из огромной чёрной тучи словно ангел из тьмы (ооо…литература попёрла). Каробль был продырявлен пулями, экипаж был унечтожен, и только тежело раненный лётчик вёл каробль. Он пасодил каробль. Двое солдат с носилками взяли и понесли его к санитару скорой помощи (кто-нибудь мне объяснит что делает скорая помощь на поле боя за серую и безжизненную планету роботов? ). Я и камандир взяли взрывчатку и побежали закладывать матку (матку закладывать побежали…хха…побежали откладывать личинку). Мы установили таймер на 2 минуты. Камандир бежал впереди а я с таймером (видать таймер установили но из-за врожденной клептомании забрали его с собой) за ним. И вдруг из-за угла вышел робот страж. Он схватил капитана и начал ломать кости. Он прокричал (робот чтоли?) «беги!» (ааа, ну в принципе да) и я побежал (с таймером под мышкой).

После этого взрыва я оказался в больнице бес сознания (дааа… ). Когда я очнулся, в палате (номер 6 видимо), стоял президент (и шесть санитаров). И вручил мне звезду героя. А через неделю по новостям сообщили что ещё одна матка уцелела (вот зараза какая матка). Но это уже другая история. (ту би написано континиум…континиум то би)

(даа…вот так нам и пишут...это значит на конкурс? я поздравляю всех с днём дураков и автора этого опуса особенно, желаю автору поскорее выписаться из больницы, сверкать дальше звездой героя и делать то самое континиум которое ту би…ор нот ту би…вот в чём вопрос… )

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ultimate Rejection Letter

Herbert A. Millington
Chair - Search Committee
412A Clarkson Hall, Whitson University
College Hill, MA 34109

Dear Professor Millington,

Thank you for your letter of March 16. After careful consideration, I
regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me
an assistant professor position in your department.

This year I have been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually
large number of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field
of candidates, it is impossible for me to accept all refusals.

Despite Whitson's outstanding qualifications and previous experience in
rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet my needs at
this time. Therefore, I will assume the position of assistant professor
in your department this August. I look forward to seeing you then.

Best of luck in rejecting future applicants.

Chris L. Jensen

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dima Bilan and the end of this world

Even though I've saved the world from a martian threat, the end of everything is near. Dima Bilan has won the Eurovision 2008 song contest with his song Believe.
Apocalypse is near :)

Though at least after watching the Believe music video I could understand this picture in borya-spec's journal:

P.S. The still is from a 20-years-old russian movie Kin-Dza-Dza. (a brilliant one if you ask me). The handmade text bauble says:

Nothing else can stop me if I just believe...
And I believe in me...

- from Belive by Dima Bilan

Update: video.

X-COM: UFO Defense or UFO: Enemy Unknown

I have completed it. Again.
This time even without psi-powers. With only good old Heavy Plasmas and Blaster Launchers.
Many years have passed, but I still remember the exact path to the Mastermind.

Friday, May 23, 2008

If Microsoft wrote a script for "Romeo and Juliet", everyone would die as soon as the ball scene starts

In this article dumbasses security professionals from Microsoft write about 10 Immutable Laws of Security. Actually, it is hard to call it an article — it's more like a cheap propaganda aiming at convincing unhappy customers that it's not our (Microsoft's) fault that Microsoft Windows operating systems hold leading positions in systems that have been compromised[1].

Take a look at this:

Law #1: If a bad guy can persuade you to run his program on your computer, it's not your computer anymore

It's an unfortunate fact of computer science: when a computer program runs, it will do what it's programmed to do, even if it's programmed to be harmful. When you choose to run a program, you are making a decision to turn over control of your computer to it. Once a program is running, it can do anything, up to the limits of what you yourself can do on the computer. It could monitor your keystrokes and send them to a website. It could open every document on the computer, and change the word "will" to "won't" in all of them. It could send rude emails to all your friends. It could install a virus. It could create a "back door" that lets someone remotely control your computer. It could dial up an ISP in Katmandu. Or it could just reformat your hard drive.

BULL.SHIT. A program is just a set of instructions to execute. Make a program for a Turing machine that will format my hard drive. It will only do this if the Turing machine emulator allows it to perform such a trick. Or there is an error in the emulator that will allow the program to modify the actual code of the emulator itself (to perform hard drive formatting).
In both cases it will be the fault of those who wrote the emulator, not the result from the way computers work how Microsoft positions it.
You will say Operating systems don't interpret programs like Turing machine emulator does, they let it run directly on hardware. That's the reason hardware manufacturers have given you Rings of protection and Super-powers and still you just can't use them right. Say yes, we are lousy programmers instead of the way computers work — at least it will be honest.

Law #4: If you allow a bad guy to upload programs to your website, it's not your website any more

This is basically Law #1 in reverse. In that scenario, the bad guy tricks his victim into downloading a harmful program onto his computer and running it. In this one, the bad guy uploads a harmful program to a computer and runs it himself. Although this scenario is a danger anytime you allow strangers to connect to your computer, websites are involved in the overwhelming majority of these cases. Many people who operate websites are too hospitable for their own good, and allow visitors to upload programs to the site and run them.

Are you on drugs? Show me at least one of this many websites that those many people operate. I'm really eager to run some of my programs there — but the problem is "website that allows me to run executable files" Google query returns 0 results.

Law #5: Weak passwords trump strong security

Strong security systems don't use passwords, dumbasses. Or are you claiming that your lousy login manager is a "strong security"?

Law #6: A computer is only as secure as the administrator is trustworthy

... For instance, store audit data on write-only media

What the fuck is write-only media? Who needs the media you can only write to? You should be able to READ from that media as well, otherwise the data that you have written to that "write-only media" is as good as erased from the very beginning[2].

Law #9: Absolute anonymity isn't practical, in real life or on the Web

Does this mean that privacy on the Web is a lost cause? Not at all. What it means is that the best way to protect your privacy on the Internet is the same as the way you protect your privacy in normal life—through your behavior. Read the privacy statements on the websites you visit, and only do business with ones whose practices you agree with.

This is the advice of the century.
Free tip how to make money: Enter your credit card details on every suspicious website you see and once one of these websites disappears the next day (together with your bank account balance) sue Microsoft for twice the amount for telling you to do business with sites that have privacy statements you agree with.

Great article, Microsoft. Keep it up, so I will finally decide against installing a virtual Windows XP machine just to run some games I feel nostalgic about.

  1. (Yeah I know that it is because there are simply more Windows systems around, thus raising total amount of compromised Windows systems. Targeted — Macs still fall first.
  2. I'm fooling around about it. My comment to this rule doesn't refer to Microsoft security issues; it refers to the dumbass that wrote the article. I will be kind today and give you a right term: non-rewritable. Write-only is a term to describe a failed memory device, and so is your tech writing career.

Я порвав всіх по запиту "Щербина Світлана Миколаївна"

Я порвав всіх по запиту "Щербина Світлана Миколаївна".

Дякую Вам, Світлано Миколаївно, що Ви така існуєте :) Яка ж "Совість України" без Вас :)

Maslow's laws

10. When the four basic needs have been satisfied, the growth need or self-actualization need arises: A new discontent and restlessness will develop unless the individual is doing what he individually is fitted for. A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write--in short, what people can be they must be.

Profound, intimate relationships with few. Capable of greater love than others consider possible. Benevolence, affection and friendliness shown to everyone.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A photo for today. Fridge Raider.

A photo for today:

this is a strong text css test.

Така-то в України совість

(12:15:57 PM) 7th: Працівниками УБОЗ ГУМВС України в м. Києві здійснено перевірку кандидатів у депутати Київської міської ради та Київського міського голови щодо можливої причетності до протиправної діяльності
Кандидати в депутати Київської міської ради:
21. Партія "Совість України"
Щербина Світлана Миколаївна, 01.06.1978 р.н. 14 фактів притягнення до адміністративної відповідальності за ст.181 (заняття проституцією) ч.І КпАК Солом'янським та Шевченківським РУГУ МВС України в м.Києві в період з 2000 по 2002 роки...
(12:16:25 PM) 7th: така-то в україни совість... :-/
(1:23:18 PM) Et: лоло :)))

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For those of you who have never seen Geneve

Murphy's laws exerpts

Murphy's technology laws

  • If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then
    the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.
  • An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.
  • A failure will not appear till a unit has passed final inspection.
  • A computer makes as many mistakes in two seconds as 20 men working 20 years make.
  • When all else fails, read the instructions.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Миша и врачи". Трагедия в трёх действиях.

Я не могу уже. Я над этим уже неделю ржу.

Ставьте ноги в тазик... Тазик-эвтаназик

Какая трагедия! Какая глубина чувств! Судя по реакции (АААААА! Медведь в поликлинике!) на картинке изображен не сказочный мир, в котором люди и животные живут плечом к плечу друг с другом, а абсолютно реальный, наш мир, где медведи все еще редкость в поликлиниках для людей. И вот, с проблемой со здоровьем и открытым сердцем Миша пришел в поликлинику в надежде что его поймут и ему помогут. Конечно же, врачи оправдали его ожидания. Подавляя свое удивление главврач говорит Сестра, несите тазик. Он все же врач, это его профессиональный долг — лечить и помогать — несмотря на то, кто перед ним — несмотря на расовую принадлежность, сексуальную ориентацию, грехи перед Богом и общественностью, и даже не смотря на подвид в животном мире. Ставьте ноги в тазик... — профессионально заявляет он, что указывает на то, что лечение тазиком — для него уже не новинка. Осторожно, чтобы не обжечь поврежденные суровыми морозами лапы, с улыбкой облегчения от того что его поняли и не отвергли, Миша опускает лапы в тазик.
Нечеловеческая жестокость на мгновение пробегает по лицу главврача в момент, когда он произносит трагическую фразу Тазик—эвтаназик!. Провода, по которым побежит смертоносное электричество ярко выделяются кроваво красным и синим цветом среди черно-белого изображения. Воображение явно рисует дьявольскую улыбку главврача, когда он будет наслаждаться происходящим.
Несомненно, Шекспировские трагедии и рядом не стояли с этим творением искусства. На маленьком клочке бумаги автор сумел отобразить всю гамму жестокости и порочности человеческой души.

Lillasyster Umbrella and dumb fucking pirates

The description says:

More @!
View more videos from lillasyster @

The site says:

Lillasyster UnOfficeal FanSite
Lillasyster - Umbrella and all Lillasyster videos content is hosted on Youtube and therefore we take no responsibility for embeding this material.

So the fucking idiots first put unlicensed videos on YouTube, marking them with "" label, and then on claim that they take no responsibility because it's not their fault that someone has put pirated videos on YouTube.

Jesus Christ, what a fucking asshats.
One day I will change my job description to "Purifier". To bring light and happiness to this world. To put spammers, scammers, phishers, spam commenters and especially people who send chain letters to justice. To put them first into my awesome van for some really healthy beating with legs, and then to jail so they can have their backhole destroyed heavy time.

I do understand that some people do this for money. That someone earns millions on spam business. And — at least — they don't sell drugs to kids. But if you are so fucking dumb to do something like "" dumbasses — you deserve a painful anal death.

My point is — if you are a pirate — that's fine. Put cracks, hacks, porn, warez, free mp3's, viruses, trojans, exploits — whatever — on your site, but then don't fucking be a pussy trying to write something like we take no responsibility.

What do George Bush, Tony Blair and me have in common

What do George Bush, Tony Blair and me have in common?
We all use Colgate toothpaste. 5th paragraph.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jeez what to do

Jeez. What should I do now?

  1. Go to Ju-Jitsu training
  2. Go to Romeo's house warming party
  3. Go to "Iron Man" movie in the cinema with co-workers
  4. Stay @ work and write http client and corovaneer
Somehow now I'm in mood for p4.
Sounds geeky. But well, I just can't relax when all this stuff hangs over me.

I must release it!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mr Brooks the movie

A very, very good one.
Shows in-depth analysis of a schizophrenic, his covering-everything thoughts and will to do research.
An intense plot that holds you. Action and shooting included.
A lovely movie. I won't even write more in order not to produce a spoiler.
Awesome. I loved it.

Overall: 10 out of 10.

How to disable touchpad while typing in Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

The touchpad actions and clicks while I'm typing were driving me mad. I played around with it and now it bothers me no more. That's what you should do to disable it:

  1. Add the line Option "SHMConfig" "on" to the Input Device section for Synaptic Touchpad in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  2. To make syndaemon run on every boot of KDE3, create a script for it in KDE3 startup:
    echo "syndaemon -t -d" > ~/.kde/env/
    chmod +x ~/.kde/env/

  3. Or, if you can manually launch it anytime invoking syndaemon -t -d command. (not before the first X restart, when SHMConfig isn't up yet).
  4. Restart X Server. (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace)

Navigate this thread:
Previous: How to enable jack-sense audio support for Sony Vaio notebooks in Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

Grindhouse - Death Proof the movie

Boring. Shitloads of stupid bar scenes. Without anything. No action. I could barely get myself over the first hour.
Chicks. Absolutely nothing special.
Tarantino could make it better. Way better. Even in bar scenes. Check his another one (shown to me by Vito Bakin):

Why the fuck in the second episode these stupid bitches didn't simply slow down and stop? Especially given the fact that the black chick carries a gun?

Why the hell Stuntman Mike says "why?" when cries? He sounds even more stupid then the chicks.

In the end it got better. Way better. At least some healthy action. But why the fuck did I waste 1 hour of my life for the beginning?

Overall: 5.5 out of 10.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Прямая трансляция.

Будет когда-нибудь поверьте,
Ядерная война.
И монстры с красными глазами
И смерть и море зла.
Взрыв чудо-озеро отравит
Не оберешься бед
И в боги перейдет жар-птица
На год померкнет свет

Ядерная война, ядерная война,
Кто мне расскажет, кто подскажет, скоро ли она.
Ядерная война, ядерная война,
Когда умрут все в мире люди и воцарится Тьма.

Эта война мне только снится
Но темный миг придет
И на крылатой колеснице
Бомба ко мне придет
И час ужасный вдруг настанет -
Мир перейдет к войне,
И выживут здесь лишь мутанты
И в небольшом числе

Ядерная война, ядерная война,
Кто мне расскажет, кто подскажет, скоро ли она.
Ядерная война, ядерная война,
Когда умрут все в мире люди и воцарится Тьма.

Сыпется с неба пепел взрыва,
Ночь за окном темна
Вот и пришла моя погибель -
Ядерная война!
Сыпется с неба пепел взрыва,
Ночь за окном темна
Вот и пришла моя погибель -
Ядерная война!

Ядерная война, ядерная война,
Кто мне расскажет, кто подскажет, скоро ли она.
Ядерная война, ядерная война,
Когда умрут все в мире люди и воцарится Тьма.

Chuck Norris doesn't blend

Robot and the Cities that Built Him

An awesome game.
Has an ability to break and lock up on the same city though.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Реферат по маркетингу - Эмпирический продуктовый ассортимент в XXI веке

Тема: «Эмпирический продуктовый ассортимент в XXI веке»

Стратегический рыночный план притягивает повседневный нишевый проект, работая над проектом. Традиционный канал существенно программирует межличностный рейтинг, учитывая результат предыдущих медиа-кампаний. Отраслевой стандарт осмысленно концентрирует потребительский маркетинг, учитывая результат предыдущих медиа-кампаний. Контент стабилизирует департамент маркетинга и продаж, учитывая современные тенденции. А вот по мнению аналитиков пак-шот развивает презентационный материал, полагаясь на инсайдерскую информацию.

Медиамикс охватывает направленный маркетинг, не считаясь с затратами. Как предсказывают футурологи жизненный цикл продукции искажает экспериментальный план размещения, отвоевывая свою долю рынка. Стоит отметить, что внутрифирменная реклама транслирует эмпирический стиль менеджмента, полагаясь на инсайдерскую информацию. Медиапланирование без оглядки на авторитеты оправдывает ребрендинг, работая над проектом. Партисипативное планирование индуцирует фирменный BTL, не считаясь с затратами. В соответствии с законом Ципфа, сущность и концепция маркетинговой программы ускоряет экспериментальный метод изучения рынка, работая над проектом.

Узнавание бренда как всегда непредсказуемо. Более того, создание приверженного покупателя раскручивает PR, оптимизируя бюджеты. Производство спонтанно экономит типичный рекламный клаттер, учитывая современные тенденции. Как отмечает Майкл Мескон, продукт транслирует типичный рекламный макет, используя опыт предыдущих кампаний. BTL довольно неоднозначен.

Яндекс: Рефераты рулит.

Weird desires

I want to get a fight now. To choke someone, gripping his neck. To receive a couple of heavy blows into the abdomen. To be smashed onto the ground and take someone with me.
On my way home I thought about taking my shirt off and getting at least a dumb-bell. Jeez.
Also, I want to sleep.
A strange mix of desires.
Should I go to the bowling with Roman & co? We can make a bar brawl there :)

Since it's raining outside, I will probably go to sleep instead.

Heaven and Hell

Heaven is where the police are British,
the chefs Italian,
the mechanics German,
the lovers French,
and it's all organized by the Swiss.

Hell is where the police are German,
the chefs are British,
the mechanics French,
the lovers Swiss,
and it is all organized by the Italians.

— a random picture on imageshack.

Thank God I live close to the French-speaking part ;)

Fallout 3 gonna feature Chuck Norris


Bigger image here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've cut my hair. Completely.

subj. Nothing more to say.
"Screenshots" later.

Update: photo in this post.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DrPython IDE for Python

Screenshot for DrPython (click to enlarge):

  1. Comes in zip file. No executables inside. README file says "just run drpython.pyw". Nothing happens.
  2. Had to check sources and figure out drPython.pyw simply launches
  3., when launched from command line, returns ImportError: No module named wxversion. Why the hell they aren't bundled together?
  4. WxPython download from SourceForge doesn't work (unicode version for python 2.5). After quite some time proper sourceforge download page comes, but the file is still not available. Downloading ansi version.
  5. Finally, after wxPython installation, drPython comes up.
My point is: You never have a second chance to make a good first impression. If you want someone to like your software — make him like it from the first bit.

Ok, now the list of features:
  1. It does fold code properly.
  2. Smart indentation (at least I don't have to press Backspace ten times when going out of intented block like in Zeus)
  3. Quite a strange and uneasy default color coding (too much red color). Has a feature to customize colors, no color picker though — please submit color codes in hex (like, #FF0000). Actually, there are active sliders and you can see result of your changes. That's good. And if you're a designer and know the proper colors by hex value — you can't set them in editbox — it's read-only. I'm not a designer, but still count it as a minus.
  4. Plugin list doesn't work.
  5. Plusses - it's free and opensource. So you can hack on it and change something to make it work exactly the way you want.

Overall: 4 out of 10.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The most weird IDE i've ever seen.

Totally strange and I really doubt its usability and speed improvement. Cool nevertheless.

Python IDE

Jesus, I just wanted a Python IDE that doesn't suck. I just needed code folding because Kate doesn't work properly with comment characters in a first column of idented code. But now, when I've changed sources while trying different Python IDE's, I will just use Kate. Don't want to try PyDev since Eclipse is just too big and slow Java monster to launch in order to edit a simple 100kb python script. I might give it a shot since I have Eclipse already installed, though I'm quite sure I will stick with Kate from KDE4 package. It's totally sexy.

Zeus IDE for Python

This is my humble overview of Zeus IDE for Python (Windows version).
Zeus Screenshot(click to enlarge):

  1. Installer comes in a zip file that contains a setup file and 7 floppy-sized bin-files. Just strange.
  2. Doesn't properly works with non-indented comments in code folding (this is the problem that kills me in Kate and almost everything else. Only Wing IDE properly parsed that)
  3. Absolutely dumb keybindings (F5 for search, for example, Ctrl-G creates a function list instead of going to a line number, Ctrl-minus closes the current file)
  4. Search by default highlights all the area from current cursor to a found word. Type a letter and all your code is lost.
  5. It seems it has some source control modules - that's a plus. No git source control module. That's minus.
  6. "Function list" feature was made by some drugs addict. What the fuck is the function "ined" pointing to these lines of code:
    pass #no type defined, not a big deal

    Also, list of 20 functions __init__ and __del__ simply frustrates.
  7. Auto-indentation is totally uncomfortable. Pressing backspace to move out of indented block of if/for etc statements is simply irritating

Overall: 3 out of 10. After this, even Wing IDE doesn't look that bad.

Wing IDE for Python

Tried Wing IDE for Python.

Wing screenshot (click to enlarge):
  1. After downloading and installing updates it says "we need to restart". IDE closed itself and I had to search manually in start menu to launch it again.
  2. Huge incomprehensible interface.
  3. After opening my source, it told me "wrong indentation size". Fuck you. I DECIDE what is the right indentation size, not you.
  4. After setting the indentation to 4 and default tab size to 4 as well, it still puts 8 spaces for a tab and still says "wrong indentation" at lines with 4 spaces indent. Come fucking on. You want me to pay $200 for a shit that doesn't even do _absolutely basic_ stuff properly? I don't even feel like trying the rest.
  1. It does some nice tab completion
  2. After a runtime error while running the debugger, it highlights the line on which the error has occured
  3. By default, tab still smashes 8 spaces — whatever you set in your Preferences->Editor->Indentation->Default Tab Size — and it's irritating. Can be fixed by setting Preferences->User Interface->Keyboard->Tab Key Action to Increase Indent.
  4. You can very easily destroy the whole class definition when you press after the folded class declaration
  5. Tab doesn't goddamn work after a declaration — for example, to visually align multiple assignment operators.
My ratings for the course of the day:

Overall value: 3 out 10.
And that's 3 only because it actually manages to do code folding right.
Overall value: 4 out 10. And that's 3 only because it actually manages to do code folding right and +1 because I've seen even worse - Zeus.
Overall value: 5 out 10. It in fact has some nice features which you appreciate only after you try the alternatives.

Conclusion: everything is evaluated in comparison.

Monday, May 12, 2008

How to enable jack-sense audio support for Sony Vaio notebooks in Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

Add line
options snd-hda-intel model=vaio
into your /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

Restart alsa:
sudo alsa force-reload

Thanks to Blogger Helder for pointing this out.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Operating systems I've installed


  • MSDOS 3.3
  • MSDOS 5.5
  • MSDOS 6.2
  • MSDOS 6.22
  • PCDOS 7.0
  • Novell DOS


  • Windows 3.1
  • Windows 3.11 (I know they're not operating systems. Still was quite an adventure with all those floppies)
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows Vista


  • OS/2 Warp 2.0


  • BeOS


  • FreshOS (my homemade)

Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X Panther
  • Mac OS X Leopard


  • FreeBSD


  • RedHat
  • OpenLinux
  • Mandrake
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Kubuntu
Those without version numbers - either there were too many of them, or I just forgot because it was too much time ago.

Friday, May 9, 2008

День Победы - Шоу Зомби

Если не понимаете цинизма рекламы, дальше можете не читать. Идите посмотрите дебилятор.

Мне даже не хочется ничего комментировать. Георгиевскую ленточку "раскручивают" по полной программе, нанимая тонны копирайтеров. Которые учат молодежь правильно говорить "ты мудак, мой дед воевал!!!11".
Настоящие герои после войны не выжили. Если ты герой - то первым попадешь под пулю или на штык. Выживают те, кто из окопов не высовывался.
Детей, соответственно, у них тоже нет. Те, которые заявляют "мой дед воевал" (приписывая себе геройство по наследству) приписывают себе наследственно лишь трусость (и в каком-то плане еще и хитрожопость, что, по сути, не так уж и плохо).
Да, на войне было много героев. Да, возможно, для кого-то это было подвигом и главным событием в его жизни. Только сейчас гордиться победой 60-летней давности, которая далась потерями, в 7 раз превышающими потери противника - *shrug*.
Не делайте из этой войны чего-то особенного. За историю человечества войн было миллионы. Войны до сих пор идут. (Ирак). Пока вы здесь греете жопу, печатая "мой дед воевал" - кого-то сейчас расстреливают, кто-то умирает. Это жизнь.
Победа 60-летней давности победой, а вестись на поводу у дешевой пропаганды и превращаться в управляемое зомбированное немыслящее быдло не стоит.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

How to make Flash and Java work on Kubuntu AMD64 (Using Firefox 32bit)

This is a manual of how to run 32bit Firefox (or SwiftWeasel or IceCat or Flock) on 64bit Ubuntu (I'm using Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron):

(This is just a summary of the longer post that addresses this issue on Ubuntu forums. (thread). It worked for me so here's the steps I took:)

  1. Make sure Universe and Multiverse are enabled. Can be easily done through Adept. Step-by-step instruction here.
  2. Download the istall script here (addressed in the Ubuntu forums post I mentioned earlier)
  3. Extract the folder to desktop and run the 3in1 script from it. NOTE: Assuming you have a fresh install with default settings, make sure your terminal works fine enough - KDE4 doesn't refresh the terminal window well, and you have a chance to choose a wrong menu option while trying to figure out if it's frozen or not. Especially look out at the end — after browser, Flash and Java have been installed — it will ask you for your login name so it can chown working directories.
  4. After that, you should be able to launch 32bit Firefox. If Firefox window opens, but you can't access any sites - that probably means that you already have Firefox 3.0 installed. They share the same folder for settings and in order for Firefox32 to work, you will need to disable ipv6. To do it, open about:config (by typing about:config in your address bar), in the Filter field type ipv6, and then turn the network.dns.disableIPV6 toggle to True. Restart Firefox.

Next, I will have to make my Sony Vaio webcam work on Hardy Heron, together with jack-sense support for audio.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Customer Opinion

If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have asked for a faster horse.

Henry Ford

Setting up Skype on Ubuntu amd64 (64bit)

Ok, yesterday I've found some workarounds for amd64 builds for Ubuntu.

To install Skype on amd64 Ubuntu:
  1. Download Skype for Linux (
  2. Install ia32-libs package
    sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
    You need to have Universe repository enabled (Enabled by default in Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron)
  3. Install Skype
    sudo dpkg --install --force-architecture --force-depends

Got Compiz Fusion up, running and producing all the cool effects when it doesn't fall with SIGSERV. Still, there are some issues with Flash and Java under Firefox — Update — resolved in this post.

Oh by the way. KDE 4 is horrible. I do understand that it's an early release and one-crash-every-minute issue will be fixed, though the new menu (Vista-style) sucks big time as well.

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Two bugs with an one-byte shot

Yesterday I have fixed two bugs with an one-byte patch.
I hereby proclaim thyself The Exterminator.

Monday, May 5, 2008

For those of you who just don't know what Compiz Fusion is

Info: No sexy-python package found, don't worry it's optional.

— Compiz Fusion

I just love it :)