Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Space-time visualization


Summary: Great idea, extremely poor implementation.
Some guy on a support forum for the software: I'll check it again once it's version 10.0 (currently it's 1.0).
Extremely buggy, still a little bit entertaining.
Works slow. It shouldn't be that slow when pages are already fetched and rendered. But it is.
Menu doesn't seem to work much.

Has a suspicious malware-looking behaviour:
  1. Was installed like an add-on to Firefox, instead installed itself as a totally independent application.
  2. First time I run it — there were only placeholders in place of navigation buttons. Looks like it likes to update itself quite often. Without user consent.
  3. SECURITY WARNING. Relies on Internet Explorer to render pages. In combination with retrieving multiple pages at once — can be extremely dangerous. Security flaws in IE is not the fault of this app, but still is an issue overall since this app uses it.
Overall — quite fun. That's probably how I imagined the workspace ~8 years ago. It came true 8 years after with a hint that 2-3 years more are needed until hardware and connection bandwiths will hit the proper margin for it to work.

Rating: 9.5 for idea, -2 for poor implementation, -1 for suspicious (and insecure) behaviour, -2 for being unsuitable for any actual work. Total: 4.5 out of 10.
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