Monday, April 28, 2008

The mystery behind my birthday

One of Stanislav Lem's books describes a scientist, whos thesis on a scientific conference was "Last names of all prominent persons end in -stein" (like, Einstein, Eisenstein). I think it won't be a wonder that the scientists last name ended in 'stein' :)

I am no difference. I was born on August 21. I claim that August 21 is a special day. That's why:

Do you believe in reincarnation? On August 21, 1614 Countess Elizabeth Báthory, also known as The Blood Countess and Countess Dracula, has died in her castle. Her influence on modern culture is hard to underestimate — she is featured in huge amounts of movies, computer games and music. (From the latest that you might seen — "Hostel 2" the movie, Countess of Blood quest in "Diablo 2" computer game by Blizzard, "Bathory" metal band and "Cruelty and the Beast" album by Cradle of Filth). A brief list can be found here.

Norfolk Tragedy.

In August 1915 a British regiment, the first fifth Norfolk, were prepared to attack Hill 60. There was more than a thousand men in this regiment. The weather was warm with a slight breeze and visibility clear, however some observers noted a small group of low clouds over Hill 60. The clouds remained over Hill 60 even with the slight breeze present. The regiment marched uphill until the entire file of men disappeared into one of the clouds. It was then that the cloud moved away, vertically, leaving no trace of the regiment.

August 21, 1915. Disappearance of over a thousand warriors. Links: The Army That Vanished, The Vanishing Battalion.
Прощай, Норфолк song of Russian metal band Aria is dedicated to this event. The song starts with words

21 августа 1915 года британский генерал Гамильтон отправил Норфолкский полк в качестве подкрепления своим войскам на передовую. Полк поднялся высоко в горы, вошел в осевшее в ущелье огромное облако и... исчез. Из облака не вышел один солдат.

Lyrics here, music video here.

People who also were born on August 21:

Oh. I don't only posess brain and knuckles. I also posess style and charm. Check these chicks born on August 21:

The above shortly summarizes it. A reincarnation of the most infamous serial killer of all times and souls of a thousand of English warriors. Smart, strong and charming. Ask anyone who knows me in person. They call me simply Demi-God. Oh, and I also possess the research skill needed to write this article.
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