Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My exhibitionism

Have you ever seen eyes of your roommate when you leave home dressed in a coat with no pants seen under it? That's something I've experienced today. My suit hanged merrily in the basement's drying room. Jan sits in a kitchen drinking coffee. Me (dressed in only a coat, planning to go down, get my suit on and go to work): Have a nice day! :). Jan choked on a coffee. I went out of the apartment and remembered that I've forgot my wallet. I've returned back.
— Oh, I forgot something.
Jan: Your pants? ;).
Me: Oh, of course no.
Grabbed my wallet and went out again.
You should've seen his eyes :)
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Anonymous said...

Now this looks like fun!!

Cranked said...

You should've seen my naked legs stuck out of that coat ;)

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