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The movie "Saw 4" or imperfect perfect crimes.

Ever watched "Saw"? An impressive movie. Involves psychology, human factor, and in the end you think "oh, how genius this Jigsaw is". I love movies like this. Except one small fact. The movie starts from a guy in a bath, and a key, that goes down the bath' sink when the guy suddenly wakes up. What would happen, if the key didn't go down the sink or the guy was fast enough to grab it or the key would just got entangled in the dude's clothing? The victims would just unlock themselves and go home, leaving The Jigsaw laying there silly?
Things like that don't irritate me. They simply block the movie from getting the top mark from me.
The necropsy and ripped apart female police officer Kerry scenes in the beginning are quite impressive. Though they don't look very live at all (well, probably because dead and chopped apart bodies don't look very 'live').
Ok, things that I noticed that don't make sense:
  1. The blind and the muted scene. In the end of the scene, the muted guy rips his lips to free his mouth. Why the hell he didn't do it faster and preferred to kill the other guy risking his life instead of just freeing his mouth from the very beginning to talk if he was going to rip his mouth anyways?
  2. The hair-ripping machine. Why the hell Rigg didn't jam the gears in the first time? With anything that was around, even with his gun?
  3. The eyes-or-limbs machine. Rigg, knowing that there are plenty of cameras, goes to lure the dog without the mask, even though he was told that he should mask himself. He doesn't look much like a guy who wants to blindly play by Jigsaw's rules. Why the hell then he forces the fat guy into the machine? And after retrieving the next hint, why didn't he let the fattie go?
  4. The deadly wounds. Why the husband was weaker then the wife and let her kill him? Where did she go before cops arrived? Looks like she's gonna be featured in "Saw 5".
  5. Why the fuck the 'operator' guy gave Matthews a gun? Matthews has spent 6 months in the cell, psyched and tried both to suicide himself and later to kill the operator. Why did he give the gun to a crazed person that just can start shooting everyone instead of keeping the gun and then shooting precisely himself from a short distance? Why he didn't try to untrap the door, or at least when he was going in - didn't mask the FINAL TEST mark on the door if they all didn't want anyone to come there too fast?
Oh, btw, where did Tracy go? Into the "Saw 5", as always? ;) And one more thing - I don't distinquish between detective Hoffman and special agent Peter. They're like brothers. Same faces, same dresses - was that the intent of the casting crew (namely, Stephanie Gorin)?

In Saw 4, the attempt was made to clean up the Jigsaw guy. He has lost his child, dumped by his wife and business partners, got cancer and shit. Well, the attempt failed — he is positioned as a person who gives people a desire to live and the idea of cherishing their lives — but he gives it at the expense of parts of their body. I don't think a crippled handicapped person will ever be grateful Jigsaw for the "idea of cherishing their lives" — you can learn that even without losing some of your limbs. For example, try to get a family. Or at least earn some money — you will start cherishing what you have. I promise.
Furthermore — while the intent of Jigsaw is to give individuals a choice — limbs or life, he fails even in that. A lot of trials in the movie can be easily avoided — most of them are triggered not only by the trialists stupidity, but by some random factors that Jigsaw has no influence on. Like the key in Saw 1, or the decision of Rigg to put the fat guy into the device. So, Jigsaw is a very poor candidate for a 'evil genius' title. Maybe evil. But his engineering and psychology genius is pathetic.

'A movie that makes a perfect sense' actually makes no sense at all. That's something I dislike. I watched the movie late night, with all my house without a light. Still not much impressions.

Overall rating: 4 out of 10.
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Anonymous said...

that's why it's called a movie.
i didn't bother to read anything after the first few lines

Cranked said...

Too bad. You missed a lot of interesting stuff.

Ariyah said...

1. He didn't rip it earlier because he was in shock.
2. He shot the gears and they continued to move, the gears were strong enough to keep going.
3. He forced the fat man into the machine because the choices that the man made angered him, and he wanted him to suffer.
4. The husband's key points put him in more pain than the wife, and the fact that she was controlling the pain made her more able to bear it. And she didn't leave before the cops came, it was stated that she identified the black cop and gave a statement.
5. He gave Matthews the gun because it was in the list of his tasks. He was told to. He knew that if he tried to un-trap the door, it would have the adverse effect that he wanted. He couldn't mask the FINAL TEST message because he couldn't open the door to get to the other side to mask it.

Ariyah said...

Did that help?

Ariyah said...

And can you explain to me the very ending of this movie? Was the tape in the wax from the dead body of Jigsaw the one that told the man who was doing everything what to do? If so, this doesn't make sense because the autopsy wasn't until the very end of the time sequence, because the body was still in the room near the end.

Cranked said...

> Did that help?

Not really. The problem is - in almost every puzzle Jigsaw victims have plenty of opportunities _not_ to play by the rules, thus botching the whole "game". There is no point in a game that can go wrong because of so many random factors. This makes the movie look not well thought through, and turns Jigsaw from a "brilliant human soul and engineering mastermind" into a simple, medium-witted petty criminal. Jigsaw could just run around smashing people with a club - it would at least make the movie entertaining.

Ariyah said...

I think that he is playing by what he knows about human nature. If it were me, I probably wouldn't be able to think it through. Especially with the types of time constraints that he gives. What bothers me about these movies after the third or fourth one is that the chronilogical order of the plotlines makes no sense at all.

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