Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Gary Schubert

Hello, my name is Gary and I have created this place.

I am an software engineer that lives in Berlin, Germany. My inner laziness, impatience and hubris had pushed me into engineering, and after winning some national programming contests my life has became fun and easy.

My former employers are Volvo, Flextronics and Samsung. Currently I work for Nokia and build OVI navigation.

I own a small outdoor advertising agency in a third-world country.

My free time I spend practicing Ju-Jitsu and updating this cozy engineering and optimization blog.

Feel free to check my top posts, latest posts, subscribe to my feed or just drop me a line here or on twitter :)

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P.S. I miss the times of Web 1.0

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Wilmaryad said...

Your blog is a masterpiece, sir. :-)

Keep up the good work!

Warm regards,
A new fan.

Cranked said...

Thank you, Wilmaryad :) You have nice blogs too :)

Anonymous said...

hey... i tried to subscribe through my feeddemon but i think it's not working! ugh...

Anonymous said...

HI Gary, nice to see you. thanks you've visited my blog, i was mistaken to write the last name of Linus Torvalds, now i have corrected.have a great day

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